SōRSE Launches New Reeb™ Cannabis Infused Barley Soda

We’re excited to announce the launch of Reeb, a new cannabis infused barley soda. The first product in the Reeb line, Bitter Barley Soda, will be produced and distributed by a Washington cannabis processor out of Seattle, WA. It will be available in legal cannabis stores in Washington state as early as November with plans for availability in the California market soon after.

THC-infused Bitter Barley Soda is a balanced, hop-forward soda reminiscent of a pale ale, but without the alcohol content, or weed taste and smell. Tasting notes include floral, citrus, and pine.

Using techniques perfected in the Northwest, SōRSE has plans to create brews for every beer drinker. Whether the consumer loves amber or dark malts, prominent or mild hops — there’s a variety of Reeb products to satisfy every preference. Three additional non-alcoholic, cannabis infused barley sodas are on the way to Washington: Light Barley Soda (resembling Pilsner), Roasted Barley Soda (similar to a stout), and a Copper Barely Soda (much like an Amber).

“Beer lovers will be impressed by the taste of our new barley sodas utilizing hops and barley to create a drink akin to the beloved brews of the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, our Reeb sodas bring a new option to the market for those not inclined to drink alcohol,” says Howard Lee, CEO of SōRSE .

Reeb’s first cannabis infused release is available in 12 fluid ounce (355 ML) bottles containing 5, 10, 30 and 100 MG of THC.

No Weed on the Nose or Finish

SōRSE, the first and only water-soluble cannabis product produces entirely taste and odor-free cannabis emulsions to ensure its barley sodas aren’t overpowered by weed taste or smell. SōRSE is the active ingredient in the company’s Pearl Mixer™ cannabis infused mixer; Happy Apple, the #1 cannabis infused apple drink in Washington; and Velvet Swing the #1 cannabis infused personal lubricant in Washington, among others.

To find Reeb in Washington state, emailing us or head to DrinkReeb.com.

Karen Locke

Karen Locke

Karen is a writer, author, and content strategist with nearly ten years of writing experience. With a concentration on food, drink, and travel, she's written for GQ, Bon Appétit, Sip Northwest, Thrillist, and more. You can find her in dimly lit bars and restaurants, or exploring the Pacific NW when she's not writing full time.