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Companies in legal recreational cannabis states can use SōRSE cannabis emulsion to infuse products without the taste or smell of cannabis. We trust the potency and dosage in our own cannabis-infused products, alongside our clients.

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Happy Apple

Cannabis and Apple. That’s about it.

Reminiscent of an alcoholic cider but without the ABV, this cannabis drink is free of high-fructose corn syrup and packs pure flavor. Without all of the extra sugar, plus fewer calories than most cannabis drinks on the market, Happy Apple is Washington’s #1 selling cannabis-infused drink, according to Headset.

Happy Apple | 10 MG THC | 12 FL OZ |
Happy Apple | 50 MG THC | 12 FL OZ |
Happy Apple | 100 MG THC | 12 FL OZ |

Get Happy

Exploding Apple


Your New Favorite Soda Water

Utopia boasts zero calories, zero sugar, and zero weed taste. Look for Utopia Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water available in 12-ounce bottles of Lime, Grapefruit and Cherry. For weekend dabblers or everyday users, Utopia Sparkling Water can be appreciated by all types of cannabis consumers.

Utopia | 10 MG THC | 12 OZ |
Utopia | 50 MG THC | 12 OZ |
Utopia | 100 MG THC | 12 OZ |

Keep it Pure & Fresh


Infuse Food & Drink at Home

Pearl2O is a THC/CBD “creative water” for creating delicious cannabis-infused meals and treats at home. Spike more than cookies and brownies! The possibilities are endless: gray, guacamole, ice cubes, dips, popsicles, mocktails — anything you can dream up.

Pearl20 MINI Single | 10 MG  THC | 10 MG CBD |
Pearl20 MINI 5-pack | 50 MG  THC | 50 MG CBD |
Pearl20 MINI 10-pack | 100 MG  THC | 100 MG CBD |
Pearl20 455 ML (5 Servings) | 50 MG  THC | 50 MG CBD | $10 WHLS |
Pearl20 455 ML (10 Servings) | 100 MG THC | 100 MG CBD |

Start Dreaming


Reeb Barley Soda

Throw Back a Cold One without the ABV

Barley soda infused with THC? Yes, please. All of the flavor of beer but without the ABV or IBU. Look for Reeb to be released in 2018 in 12-ounce bottles containing # MG THC. Available at recreational cannabis retailers alongside other Tarukino products.

Replace Your Ale


Cannabis-Infused Bubbly for Any Occasion

Vertus is the first-ever sparkling bubbly that brings the vibes of bottle service to any party, gathering or day of the week. Add Vertus to the ice bucket alongside your favorite Prosecco or sparkling wine for less of a hangover, and much more celebratory bliss.

Vertus | 50 MG THC | 750 ML |
Vertus | 100 MG THC | 750 ML |

Pop a Bottle

Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing

Cannabis-infused Sensual PRODUCTS

Velvet Swing is a water-soluble and latex safe sensual lubricant infused with CBD/THC for longer, stronger orgasms. Designed by women, and made from 100 MG THC and 33 MG CBD, Velvet Swing is known to enhance sensitivity and orgasmic pleasure for women, men, and couples, anyone seeking more intense and longer-lasting orgasms. Look for Velvet Swing Single, available in a single-use pouch.

Try Velvet Kiss sensual spray tincture by the makers of Velvet Swing! Used for anxiety-free sexual experience enhancement, Velvet Kiss contains 50mg THC and 10mg CBD. The THC and CBD in Velvet Swing provide localized sensation and increased blood flow, while new Velvet Kiss provides a slight, relaxing head high. Use both for added pleasure between the sheets!

Velvet Swing | 100 MG THC | 33 MG CBD

Velvet Singles | 10 MG THC | 3.3 MG CBD

Velvet Kiss | 50 MG THC | 10 MG CBD


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