Happy Apple adds [sorse] to their Product


Add SōRSE to Make Your Product

Companies in legal recreational cannabis states can use SōRSE cannabis emulsion to infuse products without the taste or smell of cannabis. We stand behind SōRSE, that’s why we trust the potency and dosage in our own cannabis-infused products, alongside our clients.

Cannabis and Apple. That’s about it.

Reminiscent of an alcoholic cider but without the ABV, this cannabis drink is free of high-fructose corn syrup and packs pure flavor. Without all of the extra sugar, plus fewer calories than most cannabis drinks on the market, Happy Apple is Washington’s #1 selling cannabis-infused drink, according to Headset.


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Happy Apple | 10 MG THC | 12 FL OZ
Happy Apple | 50 MG THC | 12 FL OZ
Happy Apple | 100 MG THC | 12 FL OZ

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