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Add SōRSE to Make Your Product

Companies in legal recreational cannabis states can use SōRSE cannabis emulsion to infuse products without the taste or smell of cannabis. We stand behind SōRSE, that’s why we trust the potency and dosage in our own cannabis-infused products, alongside our clients.

SōRSE in spray tincture: velvet Kiss

Consumers appreciate the potency and small size of tinctures. Additionally, you can add value with breath freshening (without cannabis taste or smell) — or in the case of Velvet Kiss — an anti-anxiety blend combined with Vanilla Chai breath freshening flavor. Give your customers added value when they purchase CBD and THC in tincture form!

Used for anxiety-free sexual experience enhancement, Velvet Kiss contains 50mg THC and 10mg CBD. Velvet Kiss provides a slight, relaxing head high similar to that of an indica. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating CBD/THC combination products with added value such as Velvet Kiss.


TINCTURE | 50 MG THC & 10 MG CBD | 8 mL

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