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Scott joined SōRSE in June 2017 where he and his team developed our water-soluble emulsion technology for cannabinoids. He is a chemist, polymer and material scientist who has spent the past 40 years cultivating and applying technology to a range of commercial applications.

Prior to joining SōRSE, Scott spent 20 years in the field of polymeric advanced materials for aircraft structure, followed by 19 years in the food space as a member of TIC GUMS’ leadership team. Scott is an active member of the Institute of Food Technologists and National Association of Flavor and Food Ingredients.

What product would you like CBD to be in next?

“With proper sensory management, I would like to see it adopt a ubiquitous form such as a powder which can be added/sprinkled onto any food. Perhaps combining it with salt or non-nutritive sweeteners.”