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We’re not just here to deliver a great ingredient, we want to deliver an enjoyable experience for the consumer. The SōRSE team works hand in hand with you to tailor our water-soluble solution to your product profile.

  • Ingredient Supply Chain Support
    SōRSE has a network of vetted ingredient suppliers our clients can leverage for formulation and production, but we can also work with your preferred partners if our quality standards are met.
  • Conversion/Tolling
    We convert raw ingredients, supplied internally or by our customers, into SōRSE emulsion tailored for every product application.
  • Mobile Run Production
    For THC, SōRSE can support production at any licensed facility with our transportable unit allowing brands to scale and expand to additional legal markets.
  • Emulsion Calibration
    We configure the emulsion to fit your product requirements, adjusting for viscosity, temperature, and taste.
  • Formulation Support
    We can develop custom flavor profiles and blends that include other adaptogens to elevate your infused product.
  • Technology Licensing
    We offer the opportunity to license our IP to strategic partners, which we support with additional services such as regulatory compliance.

200 Years of Experience in
Food, Beverage, and Product Formulation

Established Safety & QA Standards

Internal and Third Party Testing

Research & Development Team of 30+

Integrate and Collaborate

Leverage our experience in both the food & beverage and CPG sectors, helping you navigate, develop, and launch new infused products. Our team provides support and access to a network of resources for all your product development needs.

Your Signature Emulsion

When you work with SōRSE to incorporate functional ingredients and adaptogens into your product, we help you develop flavor and scent profiles that complement your food, beverage, or topical. Our goal is to add value to your product, not change it.


Launch Your Products with Confidence

One of the biggest hurdles facing infused products is living up to the label claims. Consumer trust is imperative to building brand loyalty, which is why we take it upon ourselves to incorporate product testing into our production process. SōRSE uses internal and third-party testing for inbound raw materials and outbound active SōRSE emulsion to confirm label claims and provide near-perfect dosing in finished products.

  • SōRSE uses leading food & beverage testing laboratories

  • SōRSE has secured partnerships with leading ingredient suppliers


Scale Your Capacity

SōRSE has a network of product development and manufacturing partners for clients to scale their products quickly and get them on the shelves.

Broaden Your Portfolio & Increase Revenue

Brands powered by SōRSE are the premium choice for consumers looking for consistent and great-tasting products. SōRSE can help you increase revenue on each unit sold!

SōRSE Success Stories

Read about how we’ve helped some of the most well known
brands break into the business.

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