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SOLUTION for Water-Soluble CBD & Hemp Emulsions


We’ve already told you SōRSE is the most consistent, stable, and safe water-soluble solution for integrating CBD and hemp into commercially available products – but it’s also customizable! Our R&D team collaborates with our partners to develop signature formulations that achieve a desired flavor, aroma, or effect to complement each product.

SōRSE is available in three forms:


Now available in CLEAR!

Liquid is ideal for RTD beverages
Available in Clear and Hazy

Standard Powder

Standard Powder is ideal for baked goods (and other food items)

Agglomerated Powder

Agglomerated Powder is ideal for RTM beverages, such as stick-packs

The Solution to Your Product Development Needs

SōRSE Technology water-soluble CBD emulsion solutions are available in liquid, standard powder and agglomerated powder for seamless integration as an ingredient into any product. Watch our video demonstrating homogeneity and quick absorption rates and see for yourself.

SōRSE Quality and Safety Standard

All CBD is NOT created equal, but we're applying our 150+ years experience in safe ingredients, manufacturing, and product formulation to provide the highest quality and safest products for our clients and their consumers. SōRSE implements Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and conducts internal and 3rd party testing to produce Certificate of Analysis for all final materials.

Great Products Start with Great Ingredients

SōRSE’s water-soluble CBD and hemp emulsion allows you to deliver
consistent, high value to your customers, at scale.


SōRSE is designed to distribute uniformly which ensures even dispersion throughout the final product.

Safe Ingredients

We take a clean label approach, using safe ingredients that are commonly found and widely accepted in the food industry.


SōRSE emulsion and finished products remain stable for over a 12-month period.

Taste & Smell

SōRSE’s versatility allows for you to control the flavor profile, from no cannabis taste or smell using a CBD isolate to the terpene-rich flavors of a broad spectrum.

Near-Perfect Dosing

Even distribution through homogeneity combined with 12-month stability allows for near perfect dosing and accurate label claims.


SōRSE is designed to blanket cannabinoids which allows for greater absorption in the intestinal tract. This insures full effect, commonly felt within 10 – 20 minutes.

Proven In Market

SōRSE is currently powering over 30 market-leading products. Consumers love the consistency, accuracy, and safety of consuming products which carry the “Powered by SōRSE” moniker.

A Better Method for Delivering CBD and Hemp Based Products

We don’t expect you to develop a CBD or hemp infused product on your own - that would take a lot of science! The SōRSE team has spent years in the lab refining a three step process that includes emulsification, refinements, and infusion. We did the hard part so you don’t have to.



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