CBD is Here to Stay: Expo West 2022 Event Recap


Written by | March 22nd, 2022

It was great to be back at Expo West in Anaheim again and connect with brands and suppliers earlier this month. The SōRSE team was happy to see how well attended the event was and how many products featuring CBD and functional ingredients are on the market. Here are some of our key takeaways from the show.  

CBD Product Differentiation Through Other Functional Ingredients

More companies are combining CBD with adaptogens such as functional mushrooms, ashwagandha, and electrolytes.  We like to call this trend “CBD+” because we’re seeing new products promoting “CBD + (insert other functional ingredients here).” 

We have the largest R&D and Operations team in the cannabinoid emulsion space.  Please reach out to us if you have questions about what other functional ingredients can be added to CBD formulations. 

Cannabinoid Variety

Minor cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG, and THCv, were much more prevalent at Expo West this year, with pressed pills, gummies, and wellness shots featuring cannabinoids other than CBD.  Expect to see multiple cannabinoids and terpenes used in formulations. 

Hottest New Cannabinoid

CBN, known for calming effects, had the most interest at Expo West.  

We are currently offering samples of our CBN and CBG liquid solutions, with THCv approaching commercialization. Please request a sample to continue conversations with our team. 

Greatest Opportunities for CBD Brand Expansion

CBD RTM stick packs are under-represented in the space, but gummies and pressed pills/capsules have been a more successful format because they are currently less expensive to produce and therefore often more cost effective for the consumer than cannabinoid-infused stick packs.  That said, stick packs and powders are a very familiar format for health, wellness, and fitness enthusiasts, so we expect this market opportunity to take form in coming years.  

Most Popular Infused Product Formats

Looking to add new SKUs to your existing product suite?  Our powder and liquid solutions are designed to produce the most efficacious and enjoyable RTD beverages, RTM stick packs, gummies, and supplements. Request a sample here. 

CBD-Infused Beverage Trends

  • Most low calorie and low sugar products were under 15 calories per serving, but no higher than 50 calories per unit. 
  • CBD was often paired with electrolytes for hydration and recovery.   

Our product development team has formulated some of the most successful and best-tasting beverages in the market, including CENTR and Mad Tasty.  To learn more about how we can work with you on your product development, book a meeting here. 

Is CBD Old News?

No! But it’s not “new news” either.  The industry is just growing and evolving as it should.  We’re beyond the stage where *any* CBD product could enter the market.  Now that the CBD industry is stabilized with quality products with market share, we’ve seen fewer new brands entering the space without another key differentiating factor, whether that be application, function, or a new functional ingredient to complement the formulation. 

Biggest Takeaway

CBD seems to have been the “gateway” for other cannabinoids and functional ingredients, such as mushrooms, to enter the food and beverage industry.  

CBD is here to stay, and so are other functional ingredients.  For more insights on Expo West and how SōRSE Technology can support you with the development of functional products, please book a meeting with a representative from our team.