Why Using Cannabis Makes “Aunt Flo” Less Painful

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Women are now reporting significant results in using marijuana to make existing with ovaries less painful. While there is very little in the way of comprehensive studies for women’s health and cannabis, studies out there show women are indeed using it to lessen their symptoms.

Here are some of the many ways women are using marijuana to relieve pain.

For Cramps

Cramps are the worst. Herb can be applied topically using an infused cream or in a transdermal patch, but there are also CBD tinctures, which often take effect immediately. There is pre-clinical research that suggests that the primary psychoactive in cannabis, THC, is a muscle relaxant. If you’ve ever used marijuana for this ailment, you don’t need a study to back up its qualities. For around $40 a bottle, give tinctures a try if you don’t want that noodly high—but the pain-killing action of CBD.

Try: Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture

Muscle Relaxant

Back pain and generalized abdominal pain are quite common every month for a lot of women. If the timing is right for a body-and-mind high, cannabis Epsom bath salt can combine the pain relief powers of cannabis with a bit of a head high (also good for mood).

Try: Cannabis Basics Eucalyptus Mineral Bath

For Mood

Those mental ups and downs of PMS and “Grumpy Cat” feelings can all be solved with a bit of marijuana. For anyone looking for a little mood adjustment, we recommend turning to the green flower for some comfort. Switch up your regular smoking routine for the therapeutic properties of an elevated beverage like our very own Happy Apple.

Try: Happy Apple Cannabis-Infused Apple Drink

4 Best Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

Person wearing Anxiety t shirt in urban dark environment.

Anxiety: “What if this happens?”

You: “But it won’t!”

Anxiety: “But what if it does?”

If the above is your constant inner monologue, you may want to try some specific cannabis strains for your anxiety. For some people, just one puff is all they need for a worry-free and peaceful day. Others can experience heightened paranoia and anxiety from cannabis, so pay attention to strains if self-medicating. Here are some recommendations for alleviating anxiety via Leafly.

Anxiety Before Bed

When you’re all snuggled into bed and your brain decides to replay the worst memories from the past ten years—like that time you weren’t wearing underwear and your fly was down, try Black Kush. Before this one helps you catch some Zs, it’ll make you more relaxed, and hopefully settle your brain waves.

Author note: The above is a real memory.

Anxiety in Social Situations

If you’ve ever used up all of the small talk lead-ins you practiced before a party, only to forget how to say goodbye and awkwardly ghost, try Strawberry Cough. Strawberry Cough is a great solution for managing social anxieties and to balance yourself in times of elevated stress, such as carrying on a conversation IRL.

Anxiety About Anxiety

If just the thought of even having anxiety makes you even more anxious, Grandaddy Purple may be the strain for you. This one will be detectable in both your body and your mind so that you can literally chill out like your granddad. Don’t worry though you won’t feel as though you’re on your deathbed.

General Anxiety Because, Life

For generalized anxiety and for the THC-sensitive try the Cannatonic strain. The CBD profile in this strain is usually a 1:1 ratio with THC, meaning it can take the anxious edge off of your daily experience without a heavy head high.

As always, experiment slowly and be careful when self-medicating. Not everyone experiences the same effects from the same strains. If you find one that can help you stop having flashbacks to that awkward conversation all day, we’d say that’s winning!

How Pearl Mixer Eased the Pain of Nerve Damage

XRAY image of broken collar bone.

Often when people think of cannabis, the old tropes and clichés about stoners, lack of motivation and partiers come to mind. It’s what the stodgy status quo has tried to instill in the minds of the people for decades. But, when you get down to the nuance of it, the nitty-gritty of human lives and the benefits cannabis can offer them, the picture turns into something much different and much more clear.

Take John, for example. Every day, John experiences physical pain. “I wake up with the feeling that somebody is dragging their fingernails along the nerves inside my entire arm,” he says, “causing the tendons to feel as though they are engulfed in flames.”

The result of an operation, John now has ten titanium screws and two titanium rods inserted in his body. “I spent eight hours on an operating table,” he explains, “turned over once, like a pig on a rotisseries, to repair the near-fatal nerve and degenerative disc problem [I have]. I am thankful for Pearl Mixer every day,” he says.

In an era when elected officials all across America are struggling to find solutions to the increasing and scary opiate epidemic – where sick people of mind and body are abusing drugs they buy both from shady sidewalk deals and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals – John says he has not had to succumb to that type of result or temptation, thanks in large part to the much healthier and available Pearl2O. “I should probably be addicted to opiates,” he admits, “but I’m not because I’m lucky enough to live in a state with legalized cannabis for my pain management and well being.”

An experienced cannabis patient over the years due to his ailments, John says he’s happily made Pearl Mixer a part of his daily regimen. He puts the tasteless and odorless creative water in his coffee each morning and in his Gatorade in the afternoon after physical therapy sessions and exercise. “It works for me,” he says, succinctly. “It reduces and almost eliminates the nerve pain.”

And while some might try desperately to keep many under the assumption that responsibly managed cannabis is harmful and should not be proliferated let John’s story resonate, let it change your mind. Let his words sink in and let his relief and healing be the new conventional cannabis association. “Pearl Mixer takes the nightmare out of my day,” he says. “Everyday.”

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