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  • THC & CBD-infused social tonic for a refreshing and uplifting social buzz!

  • 4mg CBD, 2mg THC

  • Best selling cannabis beverage to date!

Based in Los Angeles, Cann is one of the top 3 selling THC-infused beverages in the US. Cann offers a range of microdosed, non-alcoholic social tonics flavored with all-natural ingredients. Cann’s social tonics won first place at BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown in 2019 and won a Rising Star award at BevNET Live in December, 2021. Cann is backed by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Baron Davis, Rebel Wilson, and Nina Dobrev.

  • Units Sold

    Q1 2021 total beverage US retail sales: $3.4M

  • Funding

    $5M raise from Imaginary

  • Awards

    Best New Beverage at BevNET Live Summer 2019

  • Expansion

    Expanded to 5 states and growing

  • Scalability

    Fastest-scaling THC-infused beverage to date

SōRSE Solutions

Cann chose SōRSE Technology as their emulsion provider due to the consistent consumer experience, safety and testing standards, and superior flavor profile. The SōRSE operations team was involved from implementation throughout their first production run to ensure the process ran smoothly.

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