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Written by | May 4th, 2020

On May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, many people in the United States celebrate the relationship between our two countries and Mexican culture. We often get together with friends to eat delicious foods like enchiladas, tamales, or tacos de pescado, and drink some cervezas or margaritas! The team at SōRSE will be honoring that along with all that the cannabis plant has to offer. Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Powered by SōRSE. 

Make your own CBD salt to put on the riof your margaritas! 

YIELD: 3 grams salt per Margarita glass, 25 to 30 servings 
CBD: 10mg per serving 100 grams  


Cinco de Mayo, Powered by SōRSE



-Kosher salt or margarita type plainsalt

-Water to cover (saturate) salt in pot

-8.334 grams liquid CBD SōRSE  


In small sauce pot, bring water (approx. 150 grams) to a boil, add salt until it becomes super saturatedadd more salt if necessary. Stir with a wooden stick/spoon until all water is absorbed. Add liquid SōRSE. Stir in evenly to incorporate. Lay the mixture flat on a siliconelined sheet pan, spread out to dehydrate overnight. Loosely cover with plastic wrap or towel to avoid contaminates. Next day, break up salt using glovecovered hands. Ready to use.  

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