Puget Sound Business Journal’s Cannabis Leader Spotlight: Diana Eberlein

“This isn’t your mom-and-pop industry anymore. It certainly started that way, but it has matured. This is a professional space. This is real food science. And once you look at it that way you will never look at it the same.” – Diana Eberlein, SōRSE VP of Marketing

Check out Diana’s interview with Puget Sound Business Journal where she explains how SōRSE is helping to drive the growth and maturation of the cannabis industry and changing people’s perspectives on cannabis. Read the full article here.


Food Navigator: SōRSE on Integrating Functional Ingredients into Packages Food

“At SōRSE, we are always fine-tuning our processing specifications for consistency so that our product has the same dosage every time and is shelf-stable for at least 12 months.” – Donna Wamsley, Director of Research & Analytics of SōRSE Technology.


Consumers demand a consistent, safe, and enjoyable experience – At SōRSE, our goal is to help the producer deliver each and every time. Read the full article.

BevNET Exclusive: SōRSE “Canna-Bus” Takes Processor on the Road

“We’re just trying to offer the opportunity to make products with a top of the line water-soluble format and to be able to wholesale our emulsion to other clients in your state.” – Zach Hershberger, SōRSE’s Operations Manager.

Learn more about SōRSE’s mobile unit – how it’s a new way for SōRSE to work with our partners at a time when CBD and cannabis co-packers are unevenly distributed and regulated across the country.

Read the full article.