Happy Apple: The "Crowd-Pleaser" Beverage

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Written by | November 29th, 2017

If you ask the seasoned dispensary sales ladies at Bainbridge, Washington’s Paper and Leaf, they will tell you that Happy Apple is a “crowd pleaser” for both the novice and the knowledgeable consumer.

“There are so many different ailments, conditions and reasons – recreational and medical – people come in here,” says Emily, a medical marijuana consultant with Paper and Leaf. “Happy Apple is for people that are either timid to try an edible or just curious about one of our new beverages.”

But because of the drink’s “tart and delicious taste,” Emily says, she can also see it being incorporated into lots of “social events and outings” too.

Donna, a cannabis lifestyle consultant at the dispensary agrees, saying that she’s noticed a recent trend with Happy Apple customers. First, she says, they’ll come in with a friend and buy a bottle or two – she suggests buying a couple, splitting the first bottle with a friend and then splitting the second bottle about thirty minutes later. “But,” Donna smiles, “what’s interesting is that a couple days later, they usually come back and they’ll buy four or five! So, I know it’s working!”

Available in 12 oz bottles with a THC dosage of 10 MG, Happy Apple is Washington’s #1-selling cannabis-infused product. Made with game-changing emulsion science, the popular and tasty beverage created from all-natural ingredients including, of course, the best Washington-grown apples money can buy.