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Written by | June 21st, 2018

In the beverage business, the name of the game is evolution. Sure, there are the longstanding, traditional drinks like Coke and Pepsi, which have been around for millennia. But for every Classic Coca Cola, there’s a Cherry Sprite or Vanilla Rootbeer or caffeinated Jolt.

And now, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new thirst out in the world for low-calorie, flavored – and even spiked – seltzer water. Call it the LaCroix effect, but many folks out in the big wide world want a subtler flavor and a drastic cut on the calorie count. While we don’t think Coke or Pepsi are going anywhere, we do recognize that many palates are evolving. People want a kiss of fruit flavor instead of the heavy, syrupy sodas. And who could blame them?

In Seattle, the sister companies Two Beers Brewing and Seattle Cider Company are set to premiere a new hard seltzer they call Sound Craft Seltzer in August. A naturally gluten-free beverage option, Sound Craft Seltzer will use simple, whole, fresh and organic ingredients with no added colors or artificial flavors. Upcoming flavors will include Rosé, Cucumber and Grapefruit and the stuff will clock in at about 5% alcohol by volume.

Sound delicious? We think so too!

But what about if you aren’t a drinker in the traditional alcoholic sense? What if you’re more of a THC fan rather than ABV? Well, we at SōRSE have invented a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage that just might wet your thirst! While the mainstay sodas likely aren’t going anywhere and while innovations like Sound Craft Seltzer are about to hit the market, we have been creating, honing and sharing one of our crown jewels for the past six months: our Utopia Sparkling Water.

This cannabis-infused sparkling beverage is available in three delicious, calorie-free flavors – Cherry, Grapefruit and Lime – Utopia. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the summer, get your buzz on and chill by the pool behind your favorite shades. Available in 10, 50 and 100 MG bottles, Utopia puts a little relaxation in your afternoon sun bathing session.

And while tastes will always continue to change – what’s next, dehydrated astronaut infused milkshakes??? – we know that right now, what the people want is the low-calorie, subtle, fruit-flavored seltzer beverages that are perfect for the summer season. Cheers!