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Written by | May 2nd, 2022

Moms, grandmas, and other mother figures around the world deserve a round of applause and all of our love when we celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Over the past two years, they have been juggling so many roles – from parent to teacher to employee to chef to counselor to cheerleader – trying to keep family spirits up while maintaining their own sanity. It’s been challenging to say the least!

If you’re wondering what to give the mother figure in your life to show your appreciation for all that she does for you and your family this Mother’s Day, here are some products powered by SōRSE that we think they will enjoy.  

Adapt Superwater

adapt super water recovery

For athletic moms looking for a healthy way to hydrate, Adapt Superwater. Adapt is a beverage brand out of Los Angeles that is the FIRST hemp beverage to earn NSF: Certified for Sport certification. Both beverages are infused with 25mg of CBD and are full of plant-based superfoods and adaptogens like mango juice, chamomile, pomegranate and hibiscus extracts. The base of the beverage is 100% pure coconut water, which is high in potassium and great for rehydration after a tough workout. Whatever workout your mom loves to do most, she will surely benefit from drinking an Adapt beverage before, during or afterwards.  


Three cans Cann Beverages

For the canna-curious mom, Cann. This low-dose social tonic that comes in a variety of flavors like Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamum, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blue Rhuberry, are the perfect present for the mom who’s interested in cannabis but doesn’t want to smoke. Each can is infused with 4mg CBD and 2mg THC, lightly sweetened with agave nectar, and flavored with pure fruit juice, herbs and spices. The sensory experience is just cann-tastic. Cann is available in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and Rhode Island.  

Altitude’s Everything Latte 

altitude cbd coffee

For coffee and latte-loving moms, Altitude’s Everything Latte. Americans love their cafes and coffee beverages. Altitude’s twist on the latte puts the fun into the category of functional beverages. The base of the drink is cold brew coffee and oat milk, which is then blended with CBD, turmeric, cocoa, cinnamon, chaga, lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps, reishi, blue agave and sea salt. Can a coffee drink actually be good for you? In the case of the Everything Latte, chock full of these healthy ingredients, the answer is yes. 


aprch cbd sparkling water

For hiking, biking, climbing, camping, and adventure-loving moms, Aprch. As far as beverages go, APRCH is the perfect drink for Mom to have in her cooler when she’s spending time in  the great outdoors. This zero-calorie sparkling CBD water comes in five flavors: Lemon + Lime, Watermelon, Cherry + Lime, Mint + Cucumber and Blackberry – with no added sugar. Each 12 oz can contains 30mg of CBD, L-Theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation, Vitamin C, and organic natural flavors. 

COPA Beverages

copa sparkling cbd water

For moms who play hard outside and relax harder, COPA Beverages. The team behind COPA have a true appreciation for nature – from snowy mountains to the rugged northwest coast. They’ve created four sparkling waters infused with 25 mg CBD and fruit juice that are meant to refresh, recharge, and relax. Their sparkling waters feature creative flavor pairings for an amazing sensory experience, like blueberry and pineapple in Blue Beary, and a blend of raspberry, blackberry, cherry, and black currant juices in Wildberry.   

Crisp and Crude

crisp and crude cbd drink

For moms who are crazy for cocktails and mocktails, Crisp and Crude out of Austin, Texas. Crisp and Crude’s four sparkling ready-to-drink NA cocktails feature botanical terpenes. Mom can swap that gin and tonic for an OG Tonic made with juniper, gentian root, angelica, cardamom, coriander, and lime, or try a Mellow Mule which melds tropical pineapple with mint, earthy botanicals, and ginger. Trust us; she won’t miss the spirits with these terpene-forward cocktails! 


cruise cbd drink caffiene

For craft beverage-loving moms, Cruise. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Cruise has created a line of nitro-infused, sugar-free CBD drinks featuring 25mg CBD, caffeine from organic green beans, and natural fruit extracts. The flavors include Mellow Mango, Blissful Blood Orange, Loosen Up Lemon, and Peaceful Pear. What makes Cruise unique is the foamy head and rich texture the infusion of nitrogen creates, which results in an amazing sensory experience for the consumer. Your mom will thank you for helping her cruise through the day…with Cruise.  

Heirloom Pet Products

Heirloom Pet powered by sorse

For fur-baby moms, Heirloom Pet Products. Many of us know moms who love to spoil their four-legged children rotten. Gifting them some of Heirloom’s water-soluble hemp infused products will be sure to result in wags and purrs. The Beef and Yam bone broth is a great addition to the food (or water!) bowl, and the bacon- flavored Road Trip Stick helps take the edge off before a vet visit or a car ride. You can be sure these gifts will earn a 5-paw review and make their moms furever grateful! 


Kleer powered by sorse

For those moms who would love some kalm and klarity, Kleer. The last two years have been tough for so many — working from home, zooming from home, kids schooling from home off and on – it’s been a lot! The perfect gift for the mom who could use a little TLC in a can are Kleer’s sugar-free sparkling waters. Each can features 25mg CBD and 100% natural flavors. Passion Orange Guava is a blast from the past (who didn’t love POG as a kid?), Cucumber Lime is crisp and refreshing, and Berry Blast is the perfect combination of tart and sweet.   


L8 cbd drink

For moms who love to host gatherings and get-togethers, L8. L8 is a women-owned, women-operated beverage company based in Los Angeles offering the perfect beverage for everyday drinking or special occasions. Each of the four drinks available – coconut vanilla, blueberry mint, ginger peach, and strawberry lemonade — is infused with 20mg of CBD and delivers great flavor. Replenishing and rejuvenating, L8 is the beverage your mom, her friends, and your family will enjoy cracking open whenever you’re together.

Lei Back

lei back cbd drinks

For those moms looking for a little “aloha” and an island oasis, Lei Back (plus a pair of flip flops). Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, what mom doesn’t long for sun, sand, and surf, and a beverage that makes them think of fun times at the beach or on vacation? Lei Back’s three sparkling beverage flavors – tangy and refreshing Pomelo, Guava, and Pineapple – all infused with 20mg CBD — remind us that summer is only one month away!  

Mad Tasty

Mad Tasty cans held above bowl of ice.

For moms who appreciate companies that make the world a better place, Mad Tasty. Mad Tasty’s sparkling waters come in four refreshing flavors — Watermelon Kiwi, Grapefruit, Unicorn Tears, and Yuzu Citrus – and each can contains 20mg of CBD. Knowing that access to clean water is a problem that many impoverished communities face, Mad Tasty donates 12 ounces of clean drinking water for every 12 ounce can sold through their partnership with Drop4Drop. Each time your mom drinks a Mad Tasty, she’ll be making a difference too.  


Major powered by SoRSE

For moms looking for an elevated experience, Major. Small but mighty, THC-infused Major offers 100mg of THC per bottle. Major moms can choose their own adventure by picking their own dose – a few mgs for a gentle lift, a few more for a heightened occasion. Whatever the case, any one of the five flavors available — Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Grape — will bring a smile with every sip. Major is available at dispensaries in Washington, Oregon, California, Ohio, and Arizona – and coming soon to Colorado! 

Pink Cloud Beverages

pink cloud cbd beverage

For moms pining for palm tree paradise, Pink Cloud Beverages. Pink Cloud offers two island-inspired, CBD-infused sparkling beverages flavored with natural fruit juices: Pineapple, Yuzu, and Lime; and Lilikoi and Guava. Beyond transporting Mom to the tropics with each sip, Pink Cloud is committed to preserving our oceans and beaches. The company donates a portion of their proceeds to Surfrider Foundation Oʻahu, an organization with a mission to protect and enjoy the ocean, beaches, and waves, for all people. 

Rip N Sip

rip n sip powered by sorse

For moms on the go, Rip N Sip. We all know moms who are constantly on the move, rushing out the door for a run before heading off to work or picking up the kids from school. An easy way for moms to add CBD to their daily routine is by opening a packet of Rip N Sip and pouring it into whatever beverage they choose. Each 3 ml packet contains 20 mg of flavorless liquid CBD which disperses rapidly. It doesn’t get any easier than that for mom to make her own CBD-infused drink! 


vertus cannabis champagne

For Washington moms (that’s state, not DC) who love their bubbles, Vertus. Vertus, a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage, is the perfect elevated gift for moms who love prosecco and champagne. It’s flavorful and effervescent, spirited and sophisticated. Each 750 ml bottle contains either 50 mg or 100 mg of THC, which makes it a great beverage to share with others. And imagine – no headache the next dayAvailable at dispensaries in Washington state.     

Zenly Sparkling Water

zenly cbd beverage

For moms who love fruit, Zenly Sparkling Water. Drinking sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated, and it’s even better when it’s enhanced with fruit flavor and infused with CBD. Friends who love the tartness of citrus will love Zenly’s Blood Orange and Lime Mojito, while friends who like a hint of sweetness and the tastes of summer and fall will appreciate Berry Bliss and Honeycrisp Apple. Whatever the case, dehydration will never be a problem once they start drinking Zenly.

Thinking About Launching an Infused Beverage?

If you are a product developer who has an idea for an infused product that you’d like to see on the market for Mother’s Day 2023 – look no further than SōRSE to be your water-soluble ingredient supplier and strategic partner. Our R&D team is well-versed in production of beverages, food items, and personal care products from concept to final product; they welcome the opportunity to help make your dream a reality. Schedule an exploratory call today with SōRSE to get started on your infused product journey!