PR Newswire: Mary Jones - 1st Cannabis Soda with Real Soda Taste - Debuts in California

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Written by | June 28th, 2022

SEATTLEJune 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Get ready for the best tasting brand in cannabis, available now in California. After 25 years of creating signature craft soda flavors and famously featuring fan-submitted photo labels on every bottle, Jones Soda Co. is entering a whole new category with the new Mary Jones brand of cannabis-infused sodas.

mary jones cannabis soda
Mary Jones – 1st Cannabis Soda with Real Soda Taste – Debuts in California

Mary Jones 10mg Cannabis-Infused Sodas are available in Jones’ fan-favorite Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange & Cream flavors. Every flavor tastes like the Jones Soda original, thanks to Jones flavor scientists who have spent more than two decades as innovators in flavor and have now adapted their iconic recipes for cannabis. These delicious sodas are sold in single-serving 12 oz glass bottles with a 4-pack carrier perfect to bring to a party and share with friends.

The new Mary Jones products also continue Jones Soda’s tradition of using photographs submitted by consumers on their bottle labels and printing quotes from fans under the bottle caps. These traditions of getting fans involved with the brand through self-expression, along with unique flavors like FuFu Berry and partnerships with partners from UFC champion Julianna Pena to Sub Pop Records, have built a community of passionate fans that has continued to grow.

Mary Jones keeps things DIY by offering a custom t-shirt builder enabling fans, influencers and budtenders to create individualized designs to wear or list for sale on the MaryMart commerce site where Mary Jones shares profits with creators.

Other Mary Jones products scheduled for launch in California later this year include a 100mg cannabis-infused soda packaged in a 16 oz, 10-serving can; a 1000mg syrup cannabis tincture designed for mixing with other drinks, using as a food topping or sipping; carbonated candy 2.5mg tablets for flavorful microdoses on the go; and 5mg cannabis-infused gummies shaped like miniature Jones soda bottles with a fun mini-four-pack carrier for a build-it-yourself downloadable DIY project. Plans are underway for additional products as well as expansion into other legal adult-use states.

“Jones Soda is a legendary brand built from bold flavors and doing bold things,” said Bohb Blair, Chief Brand Officer, Mary Jones Cannabis Co. and CMO, Jones Soda Co. “Whether you’re a canna-newbie or a cannaseur, our sodas are the most exciting flavors in cannabis today, and our product roadmap will keep our fans delighted by what’s to come.”

In California, Mary Jones has partnered with Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), distribution and sales; Tinley Beverage Company, cannabis beverage manufacturing; and SōRSE Technology, emulsion and formulation.

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