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Written by | August 26th, 2021

Meet Mateo Moore, SōRSE’s US Sales Director. Mateo leads the business development team that focuses on SōRSE’s expansion across the United States. He brings over ten years of experience in business development to his position, generating sales strategy for the team and managing key accounts. Prior to SōRSE, Mateo served as an account executive, brand manager, and marketing manager for notable tech, aerospace, and advertising companies in the US as well as in Australia. When Mateo is not at the office, you can find him on the golf course playing “unhealthy amounts of golf” and spending time with his girlfriend and their dog.    

Mateo Moore SoRSE

What drew you to SōRSE? What intrigued you about the company and the position? 

Originally, the people. SōRSE’s EVP, John Kueber, and I had known each other from past roles, and we kept in touch about potentially working together in some capacity or another in the future. When we first sat down and spoke about SōRSE in 2019, we both felt like it was a role that I would slot well into and would give me an opportunity to contribute immediately. As I considered my options, I really gravitated towards working in another early-stage company with the upside of being on the ground-floor of a new industry we would be creating in real time, which was/is exciting to me.  

What do you enjoy about your role, and what do you find challenging?  

As the US Sales Director, I enjoy overseeing the growth of our clients and observing the multitude of ways our team supports their efforts. The logistical challenges along the way, the sometimes seemingly infinite back-and-forth over product vetting, planning for future expansion, and assessing growing pains are all a part of the position we in Sales experience daily and fully embrace to support our clients’ success. At the core, I want to help one person in a meaningful way every day; my role gives me plenty of chances to do that before lunch on most days. 

Over the course of your career, what have you learned about building relationships with customers? What qualities make a salesperson successful? 

Empathy and trust are key. If you have those two in your DNA, the rest will follow. That and have a halfway decent Zoom Meeting camera set-up. 

Can you share some thoughts on SōRSE’s expansion across the US? What are the growth opportunities you are seeing nationally?  

Hemp-infused beverages that have launched successfully in local, micro-regional, and regional markets are starting to get serious attention from established distribution players. This is bringing infused products to markets all over the country. With that expansion, we support our customers as they grow and increase SōRSE’s footprint along with them – which are all good things. What’s really great is when we can assist our customers with other resources that grow their brand or following. Introducing our brand partners to co-packers in different regions to support growth, to formulators who can create a new SKU, to packaging companies who have inventory of appropriate product formats — this is how we support growth across the US, and the globe for that matter.  

Can you share something about yourself that not a lot of people know about you? 

My first job out of college was in outside sales for a pet food distribution company. I once ate a healthy-sized handful of dog kibble in front of a store owner to prove that it had human-grade ingredients. That built a lot of trust.