Webinar: How to Build a CBD Edible

SoRSE webinar

Presented by SōRSE Technology’s Director of Culinary, Stacy Primack, and Director of Technical Services, Hilary Brown

Learn everything from culinary conceptualization through commercialization from the culinary masters themselves!


Webinar: Introduction to CBD & Water-Soluble Emulsion Technology

SoRSE webinar

Presented by Michael Flemmens, VP of Technical Business Development

Hosted by SōRSE Technology

CBD is the hottest ingredient trend and demand has continued to soar in 2020. But what is CBD, why do consumers want it, and why has it been so difficult to integrate into beverages, food items, topicals, and nutraceuticals? Learn from the industry-leading water-soluble CBD emulsion supplier, SōRSE Technology, the basics about CBD and how it can seamlessly be integrated into any manufacturing process to create safe, stable, and scalable products.

Webinar: 5 Things to Know When Creating a CBD Beverage

SoRSE webinar

Co-hosted by SōRSE Technology and Prepared Foods

Presented by Michelle Sundquist, Director of Product Development

CBD has been the hottest beverage trend of the past decade, and the demand for CBD and other cannabinoids has continued to soar in 2020. CBD has also proven to be a tricky functional ingredient when added to a beverage. Before you rush a beverage to market, learn 5 pro-tips from SōRSE!

Webinar: State of CBD — Global Crisis Edition

SoRSE webinar

Co-hosted by SōRSE Technology and Food Dive

Presented by John Kueber, SōRSE’s CRO

To gain insights on the unique situation the global crisis has created for consumers interested in CBD products, join us for the following webinar that will reveal key insights that CBD brands can use this year to maintain and grow their customer base.



Webinar: How to Select a CBD Supplier

SoRSE webinar

All CBD is not created equal, so how do you identify a quality supplier in the burgeoning CBD and hemp industry? Join Our Regulatory Manager, Mike Schmitt, as he walks through the key differentiators to help you select the CBD supplier that’s right for you and your product development needs.