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Written by | November 18th, 2021

Beer Thirty. If you’re wondering what this term means, consider the saying, “It’s 5:00 o’clock somewhere!” That refers to the hour when people clock out of work and head to the pub or the bar to get drinks with their co-workers and friends.

Beer Thirty is essentially the same thing – except specifically directed at those who prefer an IPA or a Stout over a gin and tonic or a glass of wine.  It’s a call to action of sorts – the Urban Dictionary refers to it as “the time of day at which drinking a beer becomes necessary.” 

beer thirty meaning

So who coined this term? “Beer Thirty” is  actually a  song written by Ronnie Dunn and Terry McBride that was recorded in 1999 by the country duo,  Brooks and Dunn.  Here’s a portion of the lyrics: “Got my paycheck, I’m on my way/It’s finally Friday, my kind of day/I punch the clock, I hit the road flying/It’s beer thirty, a honky tonk time.”   

In 2020, the popular country band Florida Georgia Line also released a song titled “Beer:30.” The song starts like this – “It’s beer thirty, and I’m thirsty/And I been workin’ like a dog all week long/So maybe somethin’ cold won’t hurt me.” That something cold is probably not a glass of water! 

You can see from the songs that “Beer Thirty” is a call to action of sorts. “What time is it?” “It’s Beer Thirty!”  There is no doubt people around the globe love their beer, and in the US, craft brews are particularly popular. To give a sense of perspective on how much the industry has grown, in 1990, there were less than 70 breweries in operation in California; 10 years later, in 2000, there were over 200. In 2021, there are more than 1,100 breweries operating in California. That’s tremendous growth over 30 years.   

There are a ton of great beers on the market today made by small and large craft brewers alike, which give the consumer no shortage of options when choosing their beverage to celebrate BeerThirty with their friends and coworkers.  

Beer Thirty: Powered by SōRSE


A lot of consumers who have Beer Thirty on their minds are focused on a beer’s flavor – and that flavor is often influenced by hops, the flowering  bine that contributes to a beer’s smell, taste, mouthfeel, and haze.  Like cannabis,  hops’ botanical cousin, hops’ essential oils can be extracted from the plant to be infused in products. That said, the extractions are tricky to work with because they are viscous and sticky, but the  SōRSE R & D team solved that problem by creating hops-derived water-soluble emulsions. 

At the beginning of September 2021, SōRSE debuted the hop-derived brewery product line at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, the largest craft brewing industry gathering in the United States. Using our patent-pending water-soluble technology,  SōRSE emulsifies hop oil and other functional ingredients to solve for common challenges among brewers. These products can be used as a beer recipe building blocks or as corrective agents in the brewing process. The three newly released brewery line products are Haze Addition, Mouthfeel, and Hop Topper. 

Haze Addition allows brewers to customize a beer’s visual appearance, resulting in a deep, stable haze. This product solves for a long-standing issue by creating a haze that maintains its stability over the shelf life of the beverage.   

Mouthfeel gives brewers the ability to create the feeling a full-bodied brew offers, providing an instant correction for watery, thin beers. Mouthfeel is also particularly useful for creating low and non-alcoholic beers that mimic the experience of drinking higher gravity styles. 

Lastly, Hop Topper gives brewers the opportunity to create a boost in flavor and aroma in their beverages. It is a full spectrum hop oil emulsion that provides and enhances hop aroma in beers, hop seltzers, or other non-beer products.   

When it comes to infusing flavor and aromatic hop qualities that consumers look for in their craft beer at Beer Thirty,  SōRSE’s brewery products are the most efficient,  stable delivery system for consistent, great-tasting beer.  SōRSE is currently working with lighthouse customer Hi-Wire Brewing, an innovative brewery based in Asheville, NC which won a GABF gold medal in the Experimental Beer category announced at CBC.  Hi-Wire is using Haze Addition for their Lemon Meringue Blond Ale.  

Great beers for Beer Thirty begin with great ingredients. If you are a brewer or product developer who would like more information on our hop-derived brewery product line, book a call with our team today to explore our products. Come to the SōRSE for your hops needs in 2022! 

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