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Written by | November 15th, 2021

For the fifth post in our Producers Series, we spoke with beverage industry veteran, serial entrepreneur, and force of nature, Tanisha Robinson, Founder and CEO of W*nder, pronounced Wonder. W*nder is a hemp-infused, naturally flavored sparkling beverage that comes in four flavors and meant to be consumed at specific times of day. wonder cbd can breakfast club

To start your day off on the right foot with a beverage full of energizing flavors, try “Born to Run.” Need a pick-me-up in the afternoon to regain your focus? Love cucumber-flavored waters boosted with lime and mint? Reach for a “Fast Times.” 

In this piece, Robinson shares what inspired her to create a CBD-infused beverage, how the company educates consumers on CBD through the W*nder Meter, how the company supports their community through the 420 Rule, and why she chose SōRSE as W*nder’s emulsion supplier. 


Can you start by sharing a bit of your background with us, and what inspired you to create a cannabis-infused beverage? 

I have been a tech entrepreneur for most of my career, and then was hired to be the first CEO of BrewDog USA. I really love how much beverage brings people together and can be a part of so many key moments in a person’s life.  

I ultimately became the Chief Disruption Officer, and a big part of my role was to think about “What’s next?” in beverage. It was from that work that I arrived at the conclusion that plant-based functional beverages are a huge opportunity, with cannabis being a component of our larger strategy.  

What are your company’s mission and core values, and have they evolved since the company’s inception? 

We believe in plant-based performance, which includes cannabis, and many other great plants that can improve someone’s day. We also have the 420 Rule – we plan to reinvest 4.2% of our profits to support BIPOC entrepreneurs who have been disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs. 

How do you educate your consumers on CBD and how (and when) to use your beverages in their daily routine? 

The W*nder Meter and using known vitamins and adaptogens helps people understand what functional benefits they can expect. We have been very intentional from a packaging standpoint to ensure that our products are intuitive and accessible. 

We also spend a lot of time training and working with our distributors and retailers to ensure they understand what CBD is and isn’t. 

What were the most challenging parts about getting your product to market? 

The lack of clarity from the FDA allows for bad products and bad actors in the space. Clear regulation on CBD as a dietary supplement will be extremely helpful for the legitimate businesses and products to access mainstream retail channels. 

How did you find SōRSE, and why did you choose SōRSE’s emulsion solutions over other providers?

We want to have the highest quality product out there, which is why we work with best-in-class suppliers. We chose SōRSE because of their focus on consistency, science, and evolving the technology, which improves the overall function and experience of W*nder. 

wnder can fruit

Why did you choose to put “Powered by SōRSE” on your product?

It tells our consumers our product is legitimate, safe, high quality, and they’ll have a consistent experience. 

Are there any new W*nder products on the horizon you can tell us about? 

We always have projects in the works!  We’re looking forward to launching an all-day formulation next year called “Nine to Five,” and we have non-infused products which will be available in the market before the end of the year. 

What excites you most about being in this industry? What is your prediction for the cannabis-infused product space in 2022? 

It’s an exciting space, and we love hearing from our customers how much W*nder helps them get through the day. I think plant-based and cannabis beverages will continue to see massive growth in 2022. It will be interesting to see which brands really dominate in each market – we certainly think we have a good chance to be one of them.

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