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Written by | September 20th, 2021

When consumers look at the back of a Mad Tasty Wellness Shot, a Cann Lemon Lavender Social Tonic, or a package of Heirloom Pet’s Paws and Reflect Bone Broth, they will see a moniker reading “Powered by SōRSE.” What exactly does this mean to a consumer and to a product developer? What attributes does it represent, and what value does it carry?powered by sorse back can On a literal level, the moniker “Powered by SōRSE” shows that the product contains SōRSE emulsion as the active ingredient delivering CBD, hemp, terpenes, or hops. On a more symbolic level, “Powered by SōRSE” represents the attributes the company believes are important to consumers and product developers alike. 

SōRSE’s goal for the consumer is for them to equate the moniker with safety, efficacy, consistency, reliability, and a positive sensory experience. SōRSE’s goal for our clients is that they see increased consumer demand for their products because of the emphasis on quality, consistency, and safety, the backbone of the moniker’s meaning.  

Powered by SōRSE: Attributes Product Producers & Consumers Care About 

SōRSE is powered by the knowledge and experience of food scientists whose number one priority is the safety and quality of the products we produce. The following are just some of the many attributes that bring value to finished goods that are “Powered by SōRSE.”  

  • Safe Ingredients: Our R&D team, comprised of over thirty people with extensive experience in the food industry, work with safe ingredients commonly used in the food and beverage space. We’ve also implemented rigorous testing of the inbound raw materials as well as our final product for safety and potency, which are verified and validated by our Certificate of Analysis (COA). SōRSE also utilizes quality control and quality assurance protocols that are standard in the food industry throughout the production process. 
  • Accurate Dosing, Repeatable ExperienceSōRSE’s ability to deliver precise dosing and a consistent, repeatable experience leads to consumers knowing what they are going to get every time they consume a SōRSE-infused product. That consistency is imperative to building consumer trust. 
  • Improved Sensory Experience: For a consumer to be a repeat buyer of an infused product, it needs to taste good. No one wants to drink a 12-ounce beverage with a bad aftertaste or eat a gummy if the flavor doesn’t match the profile. Sensory is a huge component of the consumer experience with infused products. One of the key benefits of using SōRSE is that its flavor profile can be tweaked to match or complement the flavors in the finished product or masked altogether. 

Powered by SōRSE: Powered by Partnership 

At SōRSE everything we do is driven by the goal of increasing the value of our partners’ products, because when our clients succeed, we succeed. That partnership often begins with a conversation about the finished product the client wants to produce, and the steps needed reach that desired result. The conversation rarely ends there. Our customers quickly realize that the SōRSE team is more than willing to share its knowledge when it comes to flavor profiles, delivery platforms, co-manufacturers, supply chain challenges, packaging, as well as marketing and PR.  

SōRSE strives to align itself with brands that share our values which include consumer education. As thought leaders and experts in the space, we educate consumers on the benefits of consuming infused products that are powered by our emulsions. When consumers are better informed, there is a higher likelihood of them finding a product they truly enjoy. We look forward to creating opportunities to partner with brands “Powered by SōRSE” and sharing our collective knowledge on infused products and cannabinoids with the consumer.   

If you are a current client and would like to add “Powered by SōRSE” to your packaging, reach out to a sales representative who can explain to you how the process works. If you are product developer with an infused product in mind that could potentially be Powered by SōRSE, book a call today with our sales team and request a sample.