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Written by | September 13th, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Lee-Ann Loser 

Meet Lee-Ann Loser, SōRSE’s VP of Brewery Product Lines; she leads SōRSE’s growing presence in the brewing industry, working with hemp, hops, and other functional ingredients. As VP of Brewery Product Lines, she draws on the knowledge and experience she gained working for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company where she led their Experiential Marketing team. After five years at Sierra Nevada, Lee-Ann took the leap from craft beer to cannabis where she served as a Brand Manager for Privateer Holdings. Her knowledge and intimate understanding of the craft beer industry has proved invaluable as SōRSE expands its offerings to different sectors in food and beverage.    

What drew you to SōRSE?  

When I met the SōRSE team, they clearly had the same ethos that I’ve adopted in my career, including doing the hard work to provide the highest quality product and valuing customer relationships.  The quality program and regulatory attention is world class – as it needs to be in this industry.  

What do you enjoy about your role, and what do you find challenging?  

The people and the complexity. The intelligence in any given room at SoRSE blows you away.  I’ve learned so much in my first year at SōRSE Tech, from bits of chemistry to best business practices to food regulation.   

In start-up world, there are infinite paths forward.  It’s a challenge to not default to past solutions, but instead allow for growth by remaining open to hearing many different avenues to solve a customer problem.  

Over the course of your career, what have you learned about building relationships with customers and consumers alike? What skills do you find yourself drawing on most at SōRSE?  

Over the course of my career in the food & beverage industry, I’ve learned first and foremost, your goal is to make your customers’ businesses more successful.  While we love being innovative and proposing new products to our customers, we never want our customers to buy products that don’t add value to their consumers.  

Can you share some thoughts on SōRSE’s expansion into the brewing industry? What are the growth opportunities you see on the horizon?  

SōRSE has created a superior water-soluble technology and uniquely applied that in the Cannabis space.  Now, looking at the beer industry, we can apply this tech to solve long-standing challenges like haze stability or fading hop aroma. It’s such an exciting time to be here and be presenting these innovations to brewers! 

Can you share something about yourself that not many people know about you?  

 I’ve attended over 300 weddings in my life!  In my early career, I worked in high-end wedding planning and venue management. I’ve been present for a lot of moments that range from heartwarming and wholesome to downright crazy and absolutely hysterical.  Needless to say, when it came my turn, I eloped! 

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