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Written by | May 1st, 2018

Happy Anniversary to Velvet Swing! In honor of their one year anniversary, we asked Mistress Matisse to outline five ways to step up your bedroom game with the hottest cannabis-based lubricant on the market.  

It was just last May that Velvet Swing debuted its revolutionary new water-based cannabis sensual lubricant in Seattle, and we have not stopped moving since then! We are now in over one hundred stores in Washington state, and we’re super-excited about our brand-new expansion into California!

In the past year, my colleague Chelsea Cebara and I have been privileged to visit a lot of amazing pot stores, attend many cannabis social events, and give our famous “Sex and Cannabis” talk to some fabulous 420 folks. I love attending “High Society” events. What an amazing opportunity I get to connect with people who want to have more awesome sex, and introduce them to Velvet Swing! This has been a new chapter in my long career as a sex educator and activist and I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to contribute to the cannabis community.

Here are five facts to illustrate why Velvet Swing has quickly become the must-have addition to bedside tables!

  1. Your good sex life starts with YOU. When you walk into a store and buy Velvet Swing, you’re making a commitment to yourself that you WANT great sex, that you DESERVE great sex, and you’re going to HAVE great sex. Life comes at us fast, but it’s important to devote time and space to staying in to connect with the pleasures of our own bodies, and to nurturing our sensual connection with our partners. Velvet Swing is a powerful tool for that.

  2. Any time you want to introduce a new element into your lovemaking, communication is key. When you show your partner a bottle of Velvet Swing, it’s likely to spark some conversation between you about how your sex life could be even better. And more communication about what turns you on means: hotter sexytime!

  3. Velvet Swing is very safe and effective even for those new to cannabis. Weed-enhanced sex can be great sex, but not everyone is ready to take the deep plunge into seriously mind-altered lovemaking. Since it is a topical product, Velvet Swing does not have a psychoactive effect – it won’t make you “head-high”. You can enjoy the physical bliss of Velvet Swing sex without any worries about it affecting your judgement or safety. (We’ve also scientifically formulated Velvet Swing to be non-irritating to your most delicate places. And there is never a “skunky” odor or taste with Velvet Swing!)

  4. If you’re a fan of stoned sex already? Velvet Swing loves to be paired with other weed products, from raw flower to vapes to edibles. The symphony of sensual sensation may blow more than just your mind!