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Written by | June 7th, 2018

Don’t look now, but it’s already June. We’ll take a second for you to exclaim, “Where the heck did May go?!” With the summer months comes hot weather, which means less clothing, which means bathing suits, which means bathing suit bodies. Believe us, we aren’t here to tell anyone how they should look, but we also know you want to look your best. So that means putting down the Uber Eats app and picking up a veggie or a fruit appetizer.

What about those shindigs where everyone is having fun, though? Where food and drinks are splayed on the table and everyone is checking everyone else out? Is it possible to throw a ZERO-calorie summer party and still let your mind, buzz and taste buds run wild? It is! And here’s how in seven easy steps.

Start the party with some fruit: There are many “zero-calorie” fruits – which just means that the small number of calories the food contains are burned during digestion. Want to know some delicious ones? Grapefruit, apricot, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, watermelons and apples all count. So, put out a trey poolside with some sliced fruits and make the first course colorful with nature’s candy.

Spike the watermelon: Watermelons are amazing on so many levels. Did you know a slice of watermelon can absorb liquid? Well, it’s true. And to get the party to the next level, take out a Pearl2O Mini and douse the watermelon slices in some good ol’ fashioned THC.

Now snack on some veggies: “What’s up, Doc?” That’s right, it’s Bugs Bunny carrot time! Or bite into broccoli and crunch into cauliflower. If you don’t like them raw, you can steam or grill the vegetables to keep their flavor. And if you want to add a little low-cal dip – like whipped caramelized onion dip with zero-calorie cream cheese or blended chickpea hummus – feel free!

Bring out the Utopias: The party’s pièce de résistance. The people won’t know what hit them when they see a glorious tray of brightly colored Utopia Sparkling Waters. All are zero-calorie. Pick from tart Grapefruit, subtle Lime or delicious Cherry. And remember 10 MG is a serving so please enjoy responsibly!

Vodka, if you need booze: If your party NEEDS booze, there are a few options, but the one we’d recommend is vodka. One vodka soda equates to only about 60 calories. So, if you bump up your buzz with a shot or two of vodka, it’s more than possible to work off those 120 calories with…

Indoor/outdoor games: Games! Frisbee, volleyball, corn hole, flip cup (with water), tag, catch, indoor mini golf, duck-duck-goose. These are all super easy and fun games to play that will assuredly burn off any extra calories you might have consumed with the vodka or cream cheese. Move your body, people!

Drink water: But at the end of it all, the best way to flush out your system and stay hydrated is by drinking a glass or two of water before leaving the get-together. Put a big cooler by the front door and encourage all your guests to chug a glass before going.