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Written by | June 12th, 2018

Here at SōRSE we’re all about incorporating cannabis into our lives in beautiful ways, and one way to do that is with our cannabis-infused sparkling beverage. Gardening while is high is great! But we also encourage you to let the beverage inspire the color palette of your garden. If you don’t have that yard of your dreams, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate Utopia Sparkling Water into your potted plant situation. Start with your favorite sparkling water flavor or incorporate all of the Utopian colors for plants that celebrate summer well into fall.

Utopia Lime

Sip some Utopia Lime sparkling water while reveling in the beauty of your Double Phalaenopsis Green Orchid. These are easy to find at stores like Home Depot, even grocery stores. We know what you’re thinking…orchids are difficult to keep alive. Here are some quick and easy tips for keeping an orchid alive. If you can do this, you’re one step closer to becoming a French Bulldog mom or dad.

Orchid care:

  • Light – Give orchids bright light, but no direct sun.
  • Water – Water them thoroughly once or twice a week (twice when it’s warmer outside)
  • Fertilizer – Fertilize them when they are growing.
  • Air movement – Provide gentle air circulation for the plant.

If you know you’ll kill an orchid immediately, succulents tend to hang on for a lot longer and look less pathetic when neglected!

Utopia Cherry

If you can’t get enough Utopia Cherry in your life, go for Fuschia or Pink Petunias. They might sound overly precious, but they’re super easy to take care if high gardening is your M.O. Incorporate these into your flower garden ASAP. They’re heat tolerant, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Bird watching after a bottle of Utopia Cherry? Yes, please.

Utopia Grapefruit

For a splash of Utopia Grapefruit, go for readily available pink dahilas. You can plant these inside, too! Soak the roots of the bulbs in a pan of lukewarm water for a few hours. Fill a pot with potting soil or garden pebbles; insert the bulbs but leave the top two-thirds out of the dirt. Gently tamp down the soil or pebbles around the bulbs. Water until damp, then place in a sunny spot. Don’t forget to have some Grapefruit Utopia around for when they finally bloom — it’ll be Instagram gold.

Need more gardening ideas? Bonus points for nabbing some Supertunia Picasso with Green Edges (also available from places like Home Depot) to incorporate both cherry and lime Utopia into your garden.

You can find cannabis-infused sparkling beverage, Utopiain Washington. We recommend calling the recreational marijuana retailer to check on inventory before arriving. Good luck keeping your plant babies alive!