Microdosing: When Less Is So Much More

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Written by | December 19th, 2017

In case you haven’t heard, microdosing is a new wellness trend where people take minute, nearly imperceptible doses of psychedelic drugs for lifestyle enhancement. The goal isn’t to get high, but to experience only the subtle, beneficial effects of these drugs, like improved mood, focus, relaxation, creativity, and even athletic ability.

While people are microdosing all kinds of psychoactive drugs, cannabis is the obvious choice. It’s legal, for one. And most of us are familiar with its effects and comfortable with the idea of using it as a daily supplement. Eric Gaston, co-owner of Evergreen Market in Renton, WA is a big proponent. “Microdosing has allowed me to take advantage of some of the effects of cannabis, and specifically THC, without being overwhelmed by the high. I find that in small amounts, THC can bring focus and a sense of mindfulness to a given activity or situation.”

And he adds that practically any cannabis product can be used in this way. Edibles and drinkables are a great choice because the dosing of these products is so precise to begin with. When you buy a bottle of 10mg Happy Apple, for example, you know exactly how much THC you’re getting. For some people with a higher tolerance, that 10mg might be perfect. For lighter users with a low tolerance, half that bottle (5mg) might be a good place to start.

The idea is to find that threshold dose for you. For many people this is about one tenth the dose they would normally take to get high.

If you’re worried about the weed-induced paranoia or anxiety people sometimes experience when they over-imbibe, this side effect is not an issue with proper microdosing. Again, think of it as a supplement that you take to enhance your daily life.

These are some of the effects people report after microdosing cannabis:

  • Higher productivity
  • Improved communication
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Enhanced workouts and athletic ability
  • Feeling more inspired in life
  • Greater empathy toward others
  • Increased stamina
  • More creativity
  • Better ability to relax

“I think the concept of microdosing will make cannabis more accessible to a wider group of people,” says Eric. “Once it’s understood that cannabis can be used in much smaller amounts, in an intentional manner, to accentuate an activity, I think we will see a broader appeal to a wider market segment. I can see applications for health and wellness, Yoga, hiking, sports activities, music events, dinners, etc.”

Give microdosing a try! Products like Happy Apple and Pearl 2O are perfect for this type of intentional consumption, especially with the improved absorption rates made possible by our SōRSE emulsion technology. Check our website for nearby locations, or ask your budtender for SōRSE products!