Understanding Milligram Doses in Cannabis Drinks

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Written by | January 4th, 2018

The presence of your own heartbeat. The belief that breathing is no longer voluntary. The feeling of not wanting to close your eyes because the room you’re sitting in will appear behind you. Yes, you’re too high. It only takes one night of being too stoned before we start paying more attention to the MGs in our cannabis drinks. Here’s a guide to determining which amount would be best for you: 10, 50, or 100 MG dosage of cannabis?


If you’ve never consumed edibles think of 5-10 milligrams as one dose of marijuana, much like one drink of alcohol. Take it slow, and be patient. Don’t be afraid to only try a quarter or only half of a serving to see how you feel. Remember – you can always drink more, but you can’t drink less! Check out Pearl20 MINIs or Happy Apple for one dose.

High Sometimes

For those with a higher a tolerance, check out cannabis beverages in 50 MG. Your first time trying the product, drink half to see the outcome. It won’t hit you as fast as something like Four Loko, so patience is still key. Think every 5-10 mg of cannabis in a beverage as one serving. For example 50 MG would be the equivalent of five to ten servings.

Tranq Dart Required

If you need to be tranquilized with cannabis to feel high, go with 100 MG beverages. Look for Vertus, or Happy Apple in new 50 and 100 MG serving sizes.