SōRSE Enters Brewing Industry in Partnership with Yakima Chief Hops

SōRSE Technology Enters Brewing Industry with New Product Offering Made in Partnership with Yakima Chief Hops
  • SōRSE Technology enters the brewing industry with Yakima Chief Hemp, a sub-entity of Yakima Chief Hops. 
  • New Water-Soluble CBD Distillate by Yakima Chief Hemp Powered by SōRSE is available for purchase. 

Seattle, Washington—July 20, 2021— SōRSE Technology, the leading water-soluble emulsion provider for infused CPG brands, in partnership with Yakima Chief Hops, the leading 100% grower-owned hop supplier, announced today its newest product offering for brewers, Water-Soluble CBD Distillate.  

With more than six generations of commercial farming knowledge, the Yakima Chief Hemp growers cultivate their hemp with the same quality best practices and consistency as their hops, due in part to the similarities between hops and hemp plants. Operating for more than 20 years, the hemp is processed using YCH’s extract facility under the same internationally recognized quality standards as their hop products. Using its patent-pending technology, SōRSE Technology has converted the distillate into a water-soluble 3% emulsion for seamless integration into functional beverages for the growing Beyond Beer sector.  

Yakima Chief Hemp’s Water-Soluble CBD Distillate is classified as broad spectrum and contains an array of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils, which contributes to the product’s superior flavor profile. The new product offering allows brewers to expand their product line with CBD-enhanced beverages utilizing a one-step, “drop and go” solution directly into the brewing process. The CBD solution offers accurate dosing, a refreshing and enjoyable taste — and it’s available at scale. Water-Soluble CBD Distillate is available for product evaluation and purchase through Yakima Chief Hemp. 

Yakima Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Bryan Pierce, said, “On behalf of Yakima Chief Hemp, we are thrilled to be working alongside SōRSE to supply brewers with even more solutions for creating new and exciting beer styles. We know the beer industry thrives on innovation, and it is our goal to continue providing brewers with quality ingredients that allow them to continue expressing their creativity and talent. We look forward to building on this partnership with SōRSE as they work to provide the brewing community with leading Water-Soluble CBD distillate.” 

 SōRSE VP of Brewery Product Lines, Lee-Ann Loser, commented, “SōRSE is excited to partner with Yakima Chief Hemp, a clear leader in providing quality ingredients for the craft beer industry, and introduce a superior Water-Soluble CBD distillate to brewers. As the Beyond Beer category grows and hemp continues to gain interest, SōRSE and Yakima Chief Hemp are now able to bring hemp from their fields to brewers in a format that makes building out a beverage portfolio quick and easy. This product release marks the beginning of a greater journey for SōRSE working with brewers and a sneak peek of what we have to offer the beer industry.” 

Contact Yakima Chief Hemp today at hemp@yakimachief.com to order your water-soluble CBD distillate. For early adopters interested in learning more about SōRSE brewery product lines, contact SōRSE for pre-release offerings before more products launch at the Craft Brewers Conference in September. 

About Yakima Chief Hemp 

Yakima Chief Hemp is a sub-entity of Yakima Chief Hops and 100% grower-owned hemp supplier, processing and supplying extract for the hemp and CBD industries. Due to the similarities between hops and hemp, YCH and their network of hemp growers are able to grow and process hemp using six generations of farming knowledge and more than 20 years of extract production experience. Together they approach hemp production with the same quality and environmental standards as their industry leading hop products used in breweries throughout the globe. Through Yakima Chief Hemp, they continue their mission of connecting brewers with the family farms of the Pacific Northwest.  

About SōRSE Technology 

SōRSE Technology is the leading water-soluble emulsion technology for infusing functional ingredients into beverages, food items, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. SōRSE is designed for product developers to make oil-based functional ingredients water-soluble for seamless integration and increased efficacy, while also providing the consumer with a consistent, safe, and enjoyable experience. With an R&D and operations team of over 30 employees, SōRSE powers more than 100 leading products including Cann, Mad Tasty, and Major.  SōRSE Technology is available in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.  

Follow SōRSE to stay up to date with product announcements and event details at www.sorsetech.com or email info@sorsetech.com for more information. 

Powered By SōRSE Partner Spotlight: Mad Tasty

mad tasty powered by sorse

Contrary to popular belief, being in a band is not all sunshine, roses, and adoring fans. Whether you’re a solo artist, duo or multi-piece band, it takes a lot of time, energy, creativity, and effort to make, record, perform, and market music. Someone who knows this well is Ryan Tedder, front man for the band OneRepublic. Over the course of his career, Ryan has shown the ability to capture the feelings and experiences that matter to people and put them in songs; now, he has taken those same feelings and experiences and put them into Mad Tasty, his beverage brand.    

In 2018, after a few tough years on the road (in 2016, the band logged 400,000 miles) and dealing with anxiety and sleep issues, Tedder decided to start his own brand of CBD-infused sparkling water called Mad Tasty, having spent a great deal of time researching CBD and its potential health benefits. He decided to name the brand Mad Tasty because he wanted something approachable, fun, and delicious that his friends, family, and fans would love to drink. Tedder knew that it was important to hydrate over the course of the day, but he didn’t love how water tasted, so he decided to create a beverage he would want to drink that featured CBD because he liked how it made him feel. The challenge was finding the right partner to help him create flavor profiles as well as provide the emulsion that would seamlessly deliver the CBD.  


The team at SōRSE started working with Tedder on Mad Tasty in the fall of 2018. Michelle Sundquist, Director of Commercialization (aka “the Jedi of flavor”), and the members of the R&D team worked hand in hand with Tedder to develop the beverages that launched in the spring of 2019. When asked to describe the experience working with Tedder from concept to commercialization, Sundquist commented, “Our initial conversations with Ryan were really focused on the kind of experience he wanted his friends and family to have. Because he was so excited to share his experience with others, he wanted to try to find a way to get the drinks to market quickly. In order to help Ryan reach his goal, we focused on ingredients and flavors that would be popular and that we knew would provide a stable flavor platform. He also wanted a beverage that was really flavorful but not loaded with calories, that you could drink a few of without feeling full. That’s how Mad Tasty as a flavored sparkling water came to be.”   


In terms of coming up with Mad Tasty’s first two flavors, Sundquist stated, “We wanted to create a clean flavor profile, so we built the beverages around our emulsion’s citrusy, slightly tangy notes. Grapefruit was the first flavor that paired really well with it. The slight bitter notes of our emulsion added to the pithy notes you find with grapefruit juice. We also really liked the sweetness and softness of watermelon; pairing watermelon with kiwi gave the drink another layer of depth and pop. We worked really closely with Ryan as we experimented with flavor and carbonation, adjusting them as needed to match the beverage he had imagined. We all wanted the consumer to open the beverage and be immediately hit with flavor and bubbles. They’d start to drink it, and it would be instantly refreshing.”  


At the time Mad Tasty was being formulated, most producers were creating low dose beverages, in the 10 to 15 mg range. Sundquist commented, “10 mgs was pretty much the standard in 2017. We decided to bump it up to 20 mg because we wanted to make sure that Ryan’s audience was getting a good value and experience with the beverage.”  


Two months after the initial meeting, the SōRSE team met with Tedder again to sample some prototypes and further build out the product’s story. Sundquist commented, “In late 2018, we did all the beverage design, and we had the first cans coming off the production line in mid-February of 2019. Once we got the first two flavors off the ground, we started working on the profile for Mad Tasty’s third flavor, Unicorn Tears. With that beverage, we were trying to create the feeling of something magical, given the drink’s unique name. The flavors in that are playful and tropical – it’s a base of white tea with a touch of Dragon fruit and a drop of POG, a childhood favorite. That beverage launched summer of 2020.” Tedder continues to grow Mad Tasty one product at a time; wellness shots are expected to launch this summer, and another flavor of the sparkling water will also be coming to market soon.   


When Sundquist reflected on SōRSE’s partnership with Mad Tasty and formulating the beverages, she brought up Tedder’s commitment to creating a quality product as well as providing people with clean water around the world. “Early on we were eager to be a part of this project, because of Ryan’s goal to give back to the community and promoting access to clean water. For every 12 ounce can of Mad Tasty sold, the company donates 12 ounces of clean water to people in places in need through their partnership with Drop4Drop. That was a great reason to do everything we could to make these products successful. Being there on site, watching Mad Tasty be produced proved that our emulsion was truly easy to integrate into the production process. The experience also solidified my belief in our technology and what we are doing to move the industry forward.” 

If you are a product developer who has a great idea for infused product and needs help further developing your concept with the goal of getting your product to market efficiently, our R&D team is happy to walk through the process with you and recommend a SōRSE emulsion that best fits your needs, just as we did with Mad Tasty. Book a call with our team today! 






Headset: Top Q1 2021 US Cannabis Beverage Brands

Cann + Major Powered by SoRSE

Our clients, Cann and Major, take very different approaches to the market. What these brands have in common, though, is very important. They’re safe, high quality, taste great – and deliver a consistent experience for their target consumer. That’s what that “Powered by SōRSE” moniker represents on the packaging! As we like to say – “It’s so good, they put it on the Cann.”

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WSPA: Dry January Beverage Ideas

kleer powered by sorse

Participating in Dry January? WSPA-TV News Channel 7 based in South Carolina, recently featured a segment on Dry January Beverage Ideas and highlights SōRSE and describes some of our partners’, Aprch™ Beverage Co. , Kleer Sparkling Water and Mad Tasty as hydrating and restorative alternatives.

Watch the full segment here.

Tasting Panel Magazine: Taking the Waters

Mad Tasty Powered by SoRSE

An article in The Tasting Panel Magazine highlighted SōRSE and its partners Aprch™ Beverage Co. , Kleer Sparkling Water and MAD TASTY, commenting, “SōRSE’s success in developing emulsions and flavor profiles that make it convenient for manufacturers to incorporate broad-spectrum #CBD is paving the way for more functional products across a variety of categories.”

SoRSE in Tasting Panel

Read the full article on page 90 in the latest issue of Tasting Panel Magazine.


SōRSE & Pascal Optimize Cannabinoid Formulation for Development of Cancer Treatment

Pascal Biosciences and SōRSE Technology Optimize Cannabinoid Formulation for Clinical Development of Cancer Treatment

SEATTLE & VANCOUVER, British Columbia–Pascal Biosciences Inc. (TSX.V:PAS) (OTC:BIMUF) (“Pascal” or the “Company”) and SōRSE Technology Corporation (“SōRSE”) have validated and optimized a formula for oral cannabinoid delivery. Their shared efforts are advancing the cannabinoid PAS-393 towards clinical testing against cancer.

“This progress is very promising because this step is critical for testing in human volunteers,” said Pascal CEO Patrick Gray. “We will next identify a drug product manufacturer to prepare our product for testing in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors.”

It will be the first pharmaceutical use of the novel formulation technology developed by SōRSE and the first clinical trial for Pascal and SōRSE. This collaboration utilizes propriety discoveries by both companies, including Pascal’s intellectual property, which covers the use of cannabinoids in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors, and SōRSE’s proprietary formulation expertise.

“It’s great to see such rapid progress with the in vitro studies using our formulation technology,” said SōRSE CEO Howard Lee. “We are on track to enter our first clinical trial with Pascal within a year.”

Following characterization of safety and pharmacology in a Phase 1a clinical trial, Pascal and SōRSE may elect to continue clinical development as equal partners in a Phase 1b cancer trial in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor.

About Pascal Biosciences Inc.

Pascal is a biotechnology company targeting innovative therapies for serious diseases, including COVID-19. Pascal is also developing treatments for cancer with targeted therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukemia and cannabinoid-based therapeutics. Pascal’s leading portfolio also comprises a small molecule therapeutic, PAS-403, that is advancing into clinical trials for the treatment of glioblastoma, and PAS-393, an immuno-stimulatory cannabinoid to be used in combination with checkpoint inhibitor therapy. For more information, visit www.pascalbiosciences.com.

About SōRSE Technology

SōRSE Technology Corporation is a water-soluble emulsion technology designed for product developers to provide consumers with a better, more consistent cannabinoid experience with greater bioavailability, near-perfect dosing, shelf-stability, and safe ingredients. Its patent-pending technology converts oil into SōRSE, a proprietary water-soluble emulsion, for infusing CBD and other functional ingredients into beverages, food items, topicals, and medical applications. SōRSE Technology currently powers more than 45 leading products in the CBD space. For more information, visit www.sorsetechnology.com.


SōRSE Technology Press:
Jon Lindsay Phillips

SōRSE Brings CBD Water-Soluble Emulsion Tech to Colombia with Joint Venture with FCM Global

SoRSE by FCM Global

SEATTLE–SōRSE Technology, the leading water-soluble CBD, hemp, and terpene emulsion provider for infused CPG brands, has announced a joint venture with FCM Global to incorporate a new company in Colombia, drawing on their respective expertise in the cannabis marketplace.

The announcement was made at the Asocolocanna 2nd Forum, the largest cannabis-focused, three-day conference in Colombia, with 400 attendees from government, industry, academia, and research institutes. Four Colombian ministries were represented at the conference: Health and Social Protection, Justice and Law, Sports and Commerce, and Industry and Tourism. Also in attendance were members of other Latin American cannabis associations, including Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina. SōRSE Technology was a Platinum Sponsor of the event, and 80 percent of conference-goers attended SōRSE’s VP of Technical Business Development Michael Flemmen’s presentation on water-soluble solutions for infused beverages.

By entering into a joint venture with FCM, SōRSE will now possess a license to apply its technology to THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in Colombia, as well as a manner in which to export products featuring SōRSE emulsion from Colombia throughout other Central and South American countries. The emulsion will be branded as “SōRSE by FCM GLOBAL.”

“With SōRSE Technology joining FCM Global, the top supplier of cannabis oils, extracts, and isolates, Latin America customers will receive the same low production costs and high quality they have come to expect from FCM – now with water-soluble solutions,” commented Alejandro Marin, Co-Founder and CFO of FCM Global.

FCM Global has committed to providing all required licenses and permits to produce cannabis derivatives in Colombia, working environment, and all labor required for production of SōRSE emulsion. FCM Global will monitor all sales and outreach operations to sell SōRSE and will supply CBD oil (broad-spectrum, distillate, etc.) for conversion to SōRSE products at the current production cost for FCM.

“SōRSE by FCM GLOBAL will deliver safe, stable, and scalable ingredients for Latin America’s product development needs, such as cosmetics, topicals, edibles and pet products,” said Felipe Sanchez, SōRSE Technology’s VP for Latin America. “We are excited to be working in partnership with FCM on this venture and entering into the Latin American marketplace.”

SōRSE has agreed to provide intellectual property, know-how, and equipment to build a SōRSE lab in Colombia, and technical support in sales efforts.

About FCM Global

Company HQ in Medellin, Colombia. Produces organic hemp and cannabis oils, extracts and isolates using its “Co-Sourced Colombia” model to reliably deliver lower production costs and high-quality inputs for domestics and international markets in the nutritional, wellness, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Production facilities located in Antioquia and Tolima follow GAP and GMP practices. The 238,800 ft2 FCM Antioquia facility is purpose-built for medical cannabis and the Tolima facility is an extended production facility that covers 474 hectares and will, at full capacity, generate more than 2,300 jobs and 1,000+ tons of cannabis oil per year. This will provide customers with the best and most consistent quality products with lower production cost at large scale.

FCM Global has made the strategic decision and commitment to not compete with our finished product manufacturing clients. Instead, we focus 100% on helping lower our clients’ cost of production by producing/supplying custom CBD extracts, oils, and isolates from Colombia which meet their specific product requirements and support their future new product innovations.

About SōRSE Technology

SōRSE Technology Corporation is a water-soluble emulsion technology designed for product developers to provide consumers with a better, more consistent cannabinoid experience with greater bioavailability, near-perfect dosing, shelf-stability, and safe ingredients. Its patent-pending technology converts oil into SōRSE, a proprietary water-soluble emulsion, for infusing CBD and other functional ingredients into beverages, food items, topicals, and medical applications. SōRSE Technology currently powers more than 45 leading products in the CBD space.

SōRSE is the most consistent, stable, and safe water-soluble solution for integrating CBD and hemp into commercially available products – but it’s also customizable. Our R&D team collaborates with our partners to develop signature formulations that achieve a desired flavor, aroma, or effect to complement each product.

SōRSE implements Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and conducts internal and 3rd party testing to produce a Certificate of Analysis for all final materials.


Media Contact/SōRSE Technology Press
Jon Lindsay Phillips