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Written by | January 18th, 2018

For centuries, if you wanted to pair a libation with food, all that pleasant society would allow you to consider was wine. Then, more recently with the onset of craft beer, IPA’s and other suds were brought into the mix. But now, because the world is lovely sometimes, we have cannabis beverages to consider. THANK GOODNESS!

And the newest cannabis beverage for your food pairing pleasure is Utopia Sparkling Water, which comes in three delectable flavors: Grapefruit, Cherry and Lime. So, for all you foodies out there, here is our suggested pairing menu for Utopia in all three of its glorious flavors. Cheers!

Grapefruit Utopia Menu

Breakfast: Grapefruit is the most breakfasty of all the citrus fruits. While orange may get most of the juice love, grapefruit is the only fruit actually served as a meal for breakfast. So, we suggest pairing Grapefruit Utopia with a classic bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich. Whether you use toast, a croissant or a bagel, the savory sandwich brightens with the tart taste of grapefruit. Enjoy!

Lunch: For lunch, we recommend the perfect winter meal: soup. But not just any soup. We suggest Pho, the staple of the Pacific Northwest broth culture. The aromatic Pho pairs perfectly with the effervescence from the citrusy grapefruit. 

Dinner: End the day with a hearty black bean burger and a glass of Grapefruit Utopia. While normal beef burgers are delicious, there’s something tangy and even a bit lighter with the black bean burger. It can take a heavy bun, cheese, whatever you want to throw at it. And to enliven the meal further, Grapefruit Utopia is a superb compliment.

Cherry Utopia Menu

Breakfast: Take your blender, some frozen berries, yogurt, and a bottle of Cherry Utopia, mix them all together and turn yourself about! Or, just enjoy your morning like a boss.

Lunch: Fried chicken is the lunch you always wanted but never quite knew it. The salty crunch of the batter around a drumstick is proof there’s magic in the world. And between bites, wet your whistle with the subtle kiss of a Cherry Utopia.

 Dinner: Finish off the night with a few slices of pepperoni pizza. Warm up on the winter evening with melty cheese, tangy tomato sauce and a slightly sweet bottle of Cherry Utopia. After the Little League games when you were a kid, you’d get a slice of pizza and a cherry soda. That dream doesn’t have to end now, as a cannabis-loving adult!

Lime Utopia Menu

 Breakfast: Frosted flakes. Remember, as a kid, pouring over a giant cereal bowl, watching cartoons and just believing in pure joy? Well, that can happen again. Lime Utopia + Frosted Flakes. Cartoons will feel like Scripture!

Lunch: Tacos are the only way to go here. You know how people take a lime wedge and spritz it on their Carne Asada tacos? This pairing is like a bajillion times better.

Dinner: Maybe the most popular dish for the modern food-loving citizen is Ramen. The hearty dish made with noodles, pork and, if done right, a 6-minute egg, is filling, nourishing and just plain amazing on a cold night. And, to compliment the downright lovely dish, we recommend a bottle of Lime Utopia. The subtle citrus flavor bolsters Ramen better than any wine could.