What Does Your Utopia Say About You?

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Written by | January 15th, 2018

Have you ever wanted to play The Dating Game? That game show where you sit behind a curtain as three lucky contestants describe themselves and vie for your attention? Well, now’s your chance! Here is the Utopia Sparkling Water Dating Game! Check the options below and, at the end, choose which Utopia flavor is perfect for you – which one is the Utopia of your dreams!

Contestant Number One!

Our first contestant is effervescent through and through. They say there is no taming a wild spirit, but Cherry is just as ready to Netflix and chill as he is psyched about packing up a basket with some cheese and crackers and going out for a picnic by the lake. But watch out, Cherry may coax you into a game of Frisbee between bites of gorgonzola – he’s just that sporty! But, at the end of the day, Cherry will gladly get a blanket, turn on a favorite show, and wind down in comfy slippers.

Contestant Number Two!

Our next contestant is all about the laughs. Lime is a cutup – there’s a reason he was voted class clown senior year, ladies and gents! A bundle of energy, Lime is a joke-a-minute. Favorite Jim Carrey line? Lime will recite it! Want to shoot a web series, Lime will have the camera ready and a few ad-libs to add in. Lime loves going to the movies, getting some late-night food and putting on a comedy when you get home before falling asleep.

Contestant Number Three!

Our third contestant is all about the finer things in life. Grapefruit loves splurging on an expensive dinner: lobster linguini with an elegant gelato sundae for dessert? Yes, indeed! Take Grapefruit to the symphony, the opera or the ballet and he’ll profess his affection for you in poem afterwards. Grapefruit is the kind of drink you want to introduce to your parents or leaf through wedding magazines with. He’s loyal, loving and just longing for your affection.