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Written by | April 19th, 2022

420 guide cannabis beverages

The term “420” has one of the most interesting, legendary origin stories in cannabis culture. Back in the 70’s, a group of Northern California high school students were determined to find an abandoned cannabis crop in San Rafael. They met at 4:20pm each day to search for it, and eventually “420” became their code for getting high. The students had connections to the Grateful Dead followers, and the term soon caught on with their subculture. Now, nearly 50 years later, cannabis consumers continue to honor the plant on April 20.   

To celebrate 4/20, the cannabis world’s national holiday, members of the SoRSE team have shared their recommendations for their favorite infused products to pop open at some point during the day. Whether you’re hanging out at home, opting outside, or getting together with friends or co-workers, these infused drinkables powered by SōRSE will be sure to elevate your 4/20 experience! 

David Balmer, THC Sales  

major thc drink all flavors

Product Name: Major 

Description: 6.7 ounce THC fruit drink  

Dosage: 100mg per bottle  

Flavor(s): Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade or Passion Fruit; also available in Blue Raspberry and Grape.  

Where to Find It: WA, OR, CA, AZ, OH – CO coming soon!  

Average Price: $15 per bottle 

Website: www.drinkmajor.com 

Pro Tip:  I like to mix 10mg of Major with a Mad Tasty Grapefruit or Unicorn Tears for a nice 2:1 CBD/THC sparkling beverage. I add a little vodka for an extra kick sometimes too.  

Hilary Brown, R & D Director 

Mad Tasty cans held above bowl of ice.

Product Name: Mad Tasty 

Description: Naturally flavored hemp infused sparkling water 

Dosage: 20mg per 12 ounce can 

Flavors: Yuzu Citrus is my favorite. It’s also available in Grapefruit, Watermelon Kiwi, and Unicorn Tears. 

Where to Find It: Online and at retailers across the country 

Average Price: $28.50 per 6-pack 

Website: www.madtasty.com 

Pro Tip: I like Mad Tasty chilled, on ice. It’s nice, bright and citrusy – perfect for relaxing on a sunny day in the Northwest.  

Clinton Diehl, Production & Inventory Control Manager 

major flavors

Product Name: Major 

Description: A tasty 6.7 ounce bottle of Major will get you where you want to go and quick!  

Dosage: 100mg per bottle 

Flavor(s): Blue Raspberry, Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Passion Fruit 

Where Available (states): WA, OR, CA, AZ, OH — CO coming soon! 

Average Price: $ 15 

Pro Tip: In a pitcher, mix a bottle of pink lemonade with 1 Pink Lemonade Major and some vodka together for some Sunday-Funday action.  

Name:  Diana Eberlein, Sales & Marketing VP 

cann roadie packets

Product Name: Cann Roadie 

Description: The on-the-go social tonic #ontheroadie 

Dosage: 2mg THC, 4mg CBD per packet 

Flavor(s): Lemon Lavender 

Where to Find It: CA, NV, IL, MA, RI 

Average Price: $18 for 8 

Website: www.drinkcann.com 

Pro Tip: Pour it over ice and sip.  Can also be added to a vodka soda for a refreshing cocktail (drink responsibly – don’t chug, sip).  Pairs great with your average weeknight, a night out on the town, or a long river float on a hot summer day.  

Name:  Zach Hershberger, US Business Development Director 

Three cans Cann Beverages

Product Name: CANN 

Description: A great product for social consumption. Very sessionable. Awesome variety of flavors with greater depth than a normal flavored seltzer. 

Dosage: 2mg THC, 4mg CBD 

Flavor(s): My favorite is Lemon Lavender. It’s also available in Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamum, and other special edition seasonals.  

Where to Find It: CA, NV, IL, MA, RI 

Average Price: $20 per 6-pack 

Website: www.drinkcann.com 

Pro Tip:  Their “unspiked” product is also great when used as a mixer!

Name: Howard Lee, CEO 

Major powered by SoRSE

Product Name: Major 

Description: The bottle might be small, but the flavors are big – and you can have as little or as much as you like. It’s really up to you.  

Dosage: 100mg per bottle 

Flavor: My favorite is Pink Lemonade.  

Where to Find It: WA, OR, CA, AZ, OH – CO coming soon!  

Average Price: $15 per bottle 

Website: www.drinkmajor.com 

Pro Tip: I like to make an Arnold Palmer with Pink Lemonade Major. The ratio is 3 parts iced tea to one part lemonade – about a 10mg dose. If I have mint available, I’ll add that for garnish.  

Name:  Brady Madden, Search & Digital Marketing 

cann hi boy

Product Name: Cann Hi Boy  

Description: The Cann Hi Boy is basically a “tall boy” version of their infused THC social tonic 

Dosage: 5mg THC per 12 ounce can 

Flavor(s) Pineapple Jalapeño, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Grapefruit Rosemary are my favorites. 

Where to Find It: CA, IL, MA, NV, RI 

Average Price: $20 for a Hi Boy 4 pack 

Website: www.drinkcann.com 

Pro Tip: Make cocktails with a good smoky mezcal and the Pineapple Jalapeño flavor. Add slices of fresh pineapple or jalapeño for a boost!  

Name:  Juan Mogoginta, Regulatory Compliance Manager 

altitude cbd coffee

Product Name: Altitude’s Everything Latte 

Description: CBD coffee drink with great flavor and functional ingredients that everyone needs when you are trying to stay awake 

Dosage: 30mg CBD per 7.5 ounce can 

Flavor(s): Coffee-based latte; 2 new flavors, Matcha and Chai, will be available soon! 

Where to Find It: Online at Altitude  

Average Price: $50/10 cans 

Website: https://altitudebev.com 

Pro Tip: Drink this beverage for a pick-me-up when you feel tired or out of focus.

Name: Angela Moore, Sales Administrator 

olixr black blueberry cbd sparkling water

Product Name: Olixr  

Description: A fruit forward sparkling beverage with functional ingredient  

Dosage: 25mg per 12 ounce can 

Flavors: I recently tried Black&Blueberry and really like it! You can definitely taste the berries in it, and the carbonation is not overpowering. It also comes in Lemonroot and Mangolime. 

Where to Find It: Olixr website 

Average Price: $27 per 6-pack 

Website: https://olixr.life 

Pro Tip: This is a refreshing stand-alone beverage with just a hint of sweetness; it could be great with a splash of rum.  

Name: Dana Perkins, Public Relations & Marketing 

aprch cbd sparkling water


Product Name: Aprch Sparkling Water 

Description: A fruit-flavored infused sparkling water 

Dosage: 30mg per 12 ounce can 

Flavor(s): My favorites are Lemon+Lime and the newest flavor, Blackberry. Other flavors include Cherry+Lime, Mint+Cucumber, and Watermelon 

Where to Find It: Online and at a variety of retailers across the country 

Average Price: $12.99 for a 4-pack 

Website: www.drinkaprch.com 

Pro Tip: I like to do a half fruit juice, half Aprch combination during the day. It’s a great 2PM pick-me-up.


Product Name: Cann Social Tonic 

Description: Sparkling beverage that is fruit forward and not too sweet!   

Dosage: 2mg THC/4mg CBD per 8 ounce can 

Flavors: My all-time favorite is Lime Basil (exclusively through Sava); next would be Cranberry Sage. Also available in Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamum, and seasonal concoctions like Ginger Lemongrass, Yuzu Citrus and Elderflower. 

Where to Find It: CA, IL, NV, MA, RI  

Average price: $20 per 6-pack 

Website: www.drinkcann.com 

Pro-Tip: These are my evening go-to drinks. I add extra lime to the Lime Basil and a splash of cranberry juice to Cranberry Sage for a stitch more fruit flavor.  


heirloom pets cbd bone broth

Product Name: Heirloom Pet Products CBD Bone Broth 

Description: 16 oz package of infused bone broth 

Dosage: 90mg per pouch 

Flavor: Beef and Yam 

Where to find it: Online and in pet stores across the country  

Average price: $20.99 per pouch 

Website: https://heirloompets.com 

Pro-Tip: I’ve been giving my two dogs CBD for a while now, and this has to be the easiest way to do it! I add the bone broth to their food, and they gobble it up. It’s great for taking the edge off before vet visits and car rides.   

Name: Tim O’Neill – International Markets VP 

bumble zest calm comfort shots

Product Name: BumbleZest Shots “Calm + Comfort” 

Description: “Our Calm + Comfort CBD shot is here to give you back your balance and help you unwind with chilling lavender and chamomile. This drink also contains Blue Spirulina, which is full of nutrients to help give you that extra boost of goodness. Drink this shot anytime to help you unwind after a busy stressful day, put your feet up, sit back and enjoy!” 

Dosage: 15mg 

Flavor(s): Zest Lavender CBD Spirulina 

Where to Find It: UK 

Average Price: £28.95 for ten bottles 

Website: https://b-zest.co.uk

Pro Tip:  Best enjoyed cold watching the sunrise over Mousehole Harbour with a good coffee. 

Name: Tyler Peterson, COO 

happy apple thc drinks

Product Name: Happy Apple 

Description: THC-infused apple juice – the apples are Washington grown! 

Dosage: 10mg per 12 ounce bottle; also available in 50mg 

Flavor: Crisp and clean apple flavor — very refreshing! 

Where to Find It: WA 

Average Price: $22 per bottle 

Website: www.drinkhappyapple.com 

Pro Tip: This is a great beverage to drink with friends; enjoy hot or cold depending on the weather!  

Name: Daniel Sondheim, Medical Platforms Director 

atomic apple beverage

Product Name: Atomic Apple 

Description: THC-infused tart apple juice 

Dosage: 100mg per 12 ounce bottle 

Flavor: A more sour version of Happy Apple – similar to a Green Apple Jolly Rancher 

Where to Find It: WA 

Average Price: $22 per bottle 

Website: www.drinkatomicapple.com 

Pro Tip: Low and slow to start! I drink it straight, but it would probably mix well a 7-Up or Sprite.  

Product Name: Major  

Description: THC-infused fruit beverage 

Dosage: 100 mg per 6.7 ounce bottle 

Flavor: Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry and Passion Fruit are my favorites 

Where to Find It: WA, OR, CA, AZ, OH – CO coming soon!  

Average Price: $15 per bottle 

Dose: 50mg before a long run 

Pro Tip: On days that I do long runs, I drink half a bottle (50mgs); it helps me get into the zone and not think so much about the pain I am in!

Name: Danny Willis, Operations 

major thc drink

Product Name: Major 

Description: THC-infused fruit beverage 

Dosage: 100 mg per 6.7 ounce bottle 

Flavors: My favorite is Passionfruit. It’s also available in Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Orange Mango, and Grape.   

Where to Find it: AZ, CA, OH, OR, WA – CO coming soon! 

Average Price: $15 per bottle 

Website: www.drinkmajor.com 

Pro-Tip: I mix Major with black Lipton iced tea. Fill glass with 10-30mg Passionfruit Major (depending on the day), add ice, fill with tea, mix, and package in your favorite resealable container. It’s my favorite companion at the park, when I’m doing errands or at an event. It’s fruity, delicious, and easy to carry.  

If you’re looking for other great beverages to enhance your 4/20 experience, go to our visit our Powered by SōRSE page where you can find a number of fantastic infused products to help you enjoy 4/20. To learn more about our moniker and what it represents for producers and consumers, check out our blog post, “What It Means to Be Powered by SōRSE.”