Seattle, WA– November 8th, 2017. Tarukino Holdings™ is pleased to announce the introduction of SōRSE, the first and only technology that produces an entirely taste and odor free cannabis emulsion for infusion of medical and recreational products.

Most industry observers predict that broad, mainstream acceptance of cannabis, for both medical and recreational purposes, will occur by developing alternatives to smoking as the preferred method of ingestion. The most obvious alternatives are cannabis-infused foods, liquids and topicals. However, to date, there have remained three major stumbling blocks to the wide adoption of these alternatives to smoking including inconsistency in dosage, an undesirable cannabis order and taste and a delayed cannabis effect after usage.

SōRSE completely overcomes these obstacles, while providing an unprecedented degree of versatility in infusing foods, liquids and topicals. The proprietary technology inherent in SōRSE allows precise and consistent dosing and exhibits no cannabis odor or taste. In addition, consumers typically report much shorter time periods between ingestion and the onset of effects, particularly with liquid edibles.

SōRSE has two distinct components. First, it is an emulsion technology (patent pending) that surrounds oils, transforming the entire solution into water-compatible forms. Second, it is the application of this technology with virtually any combination of active ingredients, such as cannabinoids and oil-based terpenes.

SōRSE maintains its potency even when heated, or frozen and thawed. It’s latex safe and water-soluble. The applications for SōRSE are nearly limitless, making it a key to innovation in the development of both recreational and medical cannabis products. SōRSE is available in both liquid and (soon) powder form, making it ideal for a wide variety of infused products.

SōRSE is already successful in the marketplace. As of this writing, SōRSE is the active ingredient in fast-selling products such as Pearl2O™ cannabis infused vitamin water; Happy Apple, the #1 cannabis infused apple drink in Washington; and Velvet Swing the #1 cannabis infused personal lubricant in Washington.

About Tarukino, Inc. Tarukino, Inc. is a technology driven group of innovators creating surprisingly delightful, cannabis infused products for those in search of something better. Based in Seattle, Washington, Tarukino produces cannabis products based on it’s core technology, Sōrse™. Sōrse is the first and only water soluble cannabis product that produces entirely taste- and odor-free cannabis emulsions for infusion of medical and recreational products.

For more information, please contact Jason Lander, Director of Marketing for Tarukino at

Nicole Lisson

Nicole Lisson

Nicole Lisson is the Social Media Manager and Photographer at SōRSE. In her free time, she can be found wandering the streets of Seattle in search of the perfect croissant and or writing bodice-ripping romance novels.