Our Reeb Barley Soda Featured in The Stranger

One of our favorite local publications, The Stranger recently featured our Reeb Barely Soda. Our Vice, Scott Riefler provided some commentary for writer Lester Black who has reviewed our Pearl Mixer. Read the entire article at The Stranger.

From Scott:

“We want our products to be able to stand on their own two feet based on their sensory and culinary experience,” Riefler said. “We don’t want our products to be liked because they have cannabis in them. We want them to be liked because they are great beverages that happen to have cannabis in them.”

From Lester Black of The Stranger:

“I tried a sample of Reeb when I was at Lemonhaze’s pot convention in Tacoma last month and while I don’t think it’s going to win any beer competitions, it tasted like a decent pale ale. I had a THC-free sample so I can’t speak to its intoxicating effects, but if it’s anything like my experience with Pearl2o (I got stoned after I ate instant ramen I boiled in the mineral water) I think it’ll get the job done.”




Karen Locke

Karen Locke

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