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Written by | August 29th, 2018

Cue up the Yule Log video (it’s not just for Christmas, it’s also for SEX!), light some candles, and grab some Velvet Swing — we have some romantic pairings planned for you.


Pre-game on a romantic night while devouring a natural aphrodisiac:oysters. Look for Olympia, or Pacific Oysters. Even stores like New Seasons carry pre-shucked oysters for your cozy, effortless night in. Studies have shown unusual amino acids are found in oysters that have shown to increase testosterone production. Testosterone, of course, is a hormone that affects sexual desire in all genders , however, we know it would take a lot of oysters to have a real impact. An aphrodisiac can easily become an aphrodisiac if you let it. See for yourself!

Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Beverage

Velvet Swing won’t give you a head high, so we totally understand wanting to add a little buzz into the mix. Bubbly is not only romantic, it’s intoxicating. With Vertus, our THC-infused “bubbly” there won’t be any unwanted alcoholic side effects, just pure cannabis bliss.

Steak in Coffee and Chocolate Sauce

After you’ve slurped down fresh oysters, get this steak recipe going, if you’re kitchen-inclined. This steak in coffee and chocolate sauce combines two more aphrodisiacs: chocolate and the coffee bean. The Belgian chocolate in this dish is a savory complement to the juicy steak, so you’ll have to add your own sweetness to the encounter.


Strawberries have a nice dose of vitamin C, which promotes blood flow (just like with Velvet Swing does!). Strawberries are also thought to promote the production of estrogen — hear that ladies!— and contain several minerals known to support a healthy sex drive, like magnesium; potassium and folate. They’re the building blocks to your memorable night in with Velvet Swing.

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