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Written by | August 20th, 2018

A staycation is more than a fluff story, its ability to allow for relaxation is real news—especially with cannabis involved. Can’t get out of town, but really need to get away? One way to relax is with some good ol’ cannabis – but as you know, hotels aren’t down with smoke in their rooms. You could turn to marijuana edibles but why not class it up with cannabis champagne? Here’s how to really relax in a hotel room with Vertus by your bedside.

Create a Vertus-friendly charcuterie board.

In less than ten (high) minutes you can have this charcuterie board ready for snacking all night. Head to your favorite grocery or gourmet shop for salamis, pâtés, cheeses, and all of the fixin’s before heading to your hotel. Grab the tray from under the coffee maker (wash it!), and use it for a magnificent spread. Look for: pâté, artisan bread Jarlsberg cheese, marinated goat cheese, prosciutto, salami, brie, parmesan crackers, whole grain mustard, grapes,  almonds. You get it, all the fancy!

Relax in a sauna.

If your rewards keep you at the Holiday Inn, instead of the Westin, that tiny bathroom might be a good thing. Shut the doors, turn up the water and create a blissful sauna. TIP: Check the robe before utilizing its comfort. Do you really think the maids take it away and wash it?

Prepare a delicious meal while high.

Have an actual coffee maker in your room? Check out Coffee Maker Cuisine for tips on preparing a delicious meal in a coffee maker because let’s be real it’s not something we’d do unless we had a buzz and were trapped in a hotel room. We recommend the Delicious Tapas because you can steal ingredients from the charcuterie board but also because no one actually wants to eat Sausaghetti (even high).

Make a clear waterproof tablet holder for bathtub binge-watching.

Want to avoid turning the bathtub into an accidental deprivation tank while high? Watch some flicks. You’ll need a tablet (or phone), pant hanger, a clear plastic bag (Think: ziplock, not shopping bag). Place your tablet inside of the bag and clip it at the top with the pant hanger so the tablet hangs below the hanger. Hook the hanger to a bar inside of the tub. No ice bucket in the hotel room? Fill a shower cap with ice so Vertus will be cold, and within reach as you watch all of your favorite true crime.

Don’t screw up your Grubhub delivery.

Don’t want to talk to room service after enjoying a bottle of Vertus? We get you. Ordering Grubhub or another food delivery service seems simple enough, right? Grubhub recommends, “Be sure to include details about your delivery in special instructions. Things like ‘I am staying at this hotel, so please call me when you arrive’ or ‘Please come into the lobby and leave with the front desk’ will help make the driver’s job easier.” Also, don’t forget to tack on water, soda, or juice, which is often cheaper from the restaurant than the hotel. Add orange juice to your order for Vertus mimosas in the morning.

Wondering where to get Vertus before your staycation? Check our website. Give the retailer a call to check on availability. Head to the shop before the hotel. Enjoy your staycation with Vertus!