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Written by | April 6th, 2020

The term “420” has one of the most interesting and legendary origin stories in stoner culture. Despite the dramatic–though apocryphal–connections to police codes and hidden numerology, it actually comes from a story about a group of California high school students in the 70s bent on locating an abandoned cannabis crop in the nearby San Rafael forest. They met at 4:20pm each day to search for it, and eventually “420” became their code for getting high. The students had connections to the Grateful Dead fanship, and the term soon caught on with Deadhead subculture, eventually amplified into widespread consciousness through High Times magazine in the 90s. Today it is a global phenomenon, emblematic of stoner culture and the Prohibition era that necessitated speakeasy-style coded language. It’s definitely not a secret anymore! 

Though we don’t condone the stigma attached to the pre-legalization market, 420 doesn’t have to live in the realm of cannabis leaf sunglasses and Bob Marley wallhangings. 420 as a way of life means embracing the range of cannabis-derived products that can improve your happiness and well-being. 


Be Like Snoop; Smoke Weed Everyday! 

More and more people in the modern cannabis marketplace are embracing the concept of maintenance dosing, but that doesn’t mean they are getting high. CBD, THC’s non-intoxicating partner, can be optimized at smaller daily or ongoing dosages. In aggregate, these smaller doses can soften waves of stress rather than allowing them to peak and responding after the fact. It’s a proactive, rather than reactive, approach. Maintenance dosing also allows consumers to take advantage of the myriad low-dose products on the market. For many, a single low dose of CBD may not be enough to feel an effect, but when taken regularly, those doses add up to a meaningful difference in quality of life.  


Think Outside The Bong 

Most of our customers aren’t necessarily looking to light up. SōRSE emulsion technology appeals to those who want a more predictable, cleaner-feeling cannabis product. Expanding the concept of 420 to include beverages and topicals takes it beyond the smoke sesh and into everyday life. Layering is an adjacent concept, based on the idea that using multiple consumption methods yields a symphonic, presumably better tolerated, effect. For example, one can use a suppository, a topical, and an edible to treat menstrual discomfort. As a wider range of cannabinoids becomes available, using multiple consumption methods can be a way to diversify and amplify the effectiveness of your products.  


Redefine Medicinal 

420 has always been political, and right now, we are drawing a necessary distinction between medical and recreational cannabis. However, that line is ephemeral–if not imaginary–and leads to the proliferation of myths, such as the belief that some cannabinoids are more “medicinal” than others. The line between medicine and drug has never been clear, but cannabis is calling the distinction into question with unique urgency. Is it okay to enjoy your medicine? Is it possible that enjoyment can be medicine? Is medicine only the treatment of disease or is there a role for preventative drugs?  


When we begin thinking about 420 as a way of life, we invoke the history of activism that brought us the patchwork, imperfect, but nonetheless revolutionary shift in cannabis access that we enjoy today. The next chapter in that story is an invitation to re-imagine health as not just the absence of disease, but as a rich, enjoyable, pleasurable life. 


Be Proud, Get Loud 

Attitudes about cannabis are changing, finally. Lazy stoner stereotypes and stigmas belong in the past. Did you know that cannabis users are more, not less, likely to exercise? That Bill Gates, Carl Sagan, and Steve Jobs have all used cannabis to decrease stress and enhance their creativity? As time wears on, Michael Phelps’ cannabis scandal seems more and more ridiculous. Every day it gets a little easier to be out as a cannabis consumer. Whether you enjoy the non-intoxicating calmness of Mad Tasty or want to go to space with Major, you are reaping the benefits of cannabis. Hemp and marijuana are the same plant; the only difference is their percentage of THC. Instead of using CBD to distance and abstract from the illicit associations of 420, we should embrace all the cannabinoids as useful and complementary parts of a wondrous plant. 420 as a lifestyle means taking advantage of all the different ways cannabis can make your life better. 

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