Cannabis Products: SōRSE’s Mobile Unit Helps Cannabis Manufacturers Expand

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With the patchwork of state regulations governing the use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it can be a challenge for cannabis food and beverage manufacturers to expand their operations to new markets.

Securing supplies of needed ingredients is one of those challenges. SōRSE, maker of emulsion of technology, has developed a solution — a mobile unit that visits customers where they are. It includes everything to make SoRSE besides cannabis material, which clients provide on-site.

Read COO Tyler Peterson’s interview on the inspiration behind the mobile lab and how mobile runs benefit our customers here

SōRSE Enters Brewing Industry in Partnership with Yakima Chief Hops

SōRSE Technology Enters Brewing Industry with New Product Offering Made in Partnership with Yakima Chief Hops
  • SōRSE Technology enters the brewing industry with Yakima Chief Hemp, a sub-entity of Yakima Chief Hops. 
  • New Water-Soluble CBD Distillate by Yakima Chief Hemp Powered by SōRSE is available for purchase. 

Seattle, Washington—July 20, 2021— SōRSE Technology, the leading water-soluble emulsion provider for infused CPG brands, in partnership with Yakima Chief Hops, the leading 100% grower-owned hop supplier, announced today its newest product offering for brewers, Water-Soluble CBD Distillate.  

With more than six generations of commercial farming knowledge, the Yakima Chief Hemp growers cultivate their hemp with the same quality best practices and consistency as their hops, due in part to the similarities between hops and hemp plants. Operating for more than 20 years, the hemp is processed using YCH’s extract facility under the same internationally recognized quality standards as their hop products. Using its patent-pending technology, SōRSE Technology has converted the distillate into a water-soluble 3% emulsion for seamless integration into functional beverages for the growing Beyond Beer sector.  

Yakima Chief Hemp’s Water-Soluble CBD Distillate is classified as broad spectrum and contains an array of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils, which contributes to the product’s superior flavor profile. The new product offering allows brewers to expand their product line with CBD-enhanced beverages utilizing a one-step, “drop and go” solution directly into the brewing process. The CBD solution offers accurate dosing, a refreshing and enjoyable taste — and it’s available at scale. Water-Soluble CBD Distillate is available for product evaluation and purchase through Yakima Chief Hemp. 

Yakima Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Bryan Pierce, said, “On behalf of Yakima Chief Hemp, we are thrilled to be working alongside SōRSE to supply brewers with even more solutions for creating new and exciting beer styles. We know the beer industry thrives on innovation, and it is our goal to continue providing brewers with quality ingredients that allow them to continue expressing their creativity and talent. We look forward to building on this partnership with SōRSE as they work to provide the brewing community with leading Water-Soluble CBD distillate.” 

 SōRSE VP of Brewery Product Lines commented, “SōRSE is excited to partner with Yakima Chief Hemp, a clear leader in providing quality ingredients for the craft beer industry, and introduce a superior Water-Soluble CBD distillate to brewers. As the Beyond Beer category grows and hemp continues to gain interest, SōRSE and Yakima Chief Hemp are now able to bring hemp from their fields to brewers in a format that makes building out a beverage portfolio quick and easy. This product release marks the beginning of a greater journey for SōRSE working with brewers and a sneak peek of what we have to offer the beer industry.” 

Contact Yakima Chief Hemp today at to order your water-soluble CBD distillate. For early adopters interested in learning more about SōRSE brewery product lines, contact SōRSE for pre-release offerings before more products launch at the Craft Brewers Conference in September. 

About Yakima Chief Hemp 

Yakima Chief Hemp is a sub-entity of Yakima Chief Hops and 100% grower-owned hemp supplier, processing and supplying extract for the hemp and CBD industries. Due to the similarities between hops and hemp, YCH and their network of hemp growers are able to grow and process hemp using six generations of farming knowledge and more than 20 years of extract production experience. Together they approach hemp production with the same quality and environmental standards as their industry leading hop products used in breweries throughout the globe. Through Yakima Chief Hemp, they continue their mission of connecting brewers with the family farms of the Pacific Northwest.  

About SōRSE Technology 

SōRSE Technology is the leading water-soluble emulsion technology for infusing functional ingredients into beverages, food items, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. SōRSE is designed for product developers to make oil-based functional ingredients water-soluble for seamless integration and increased efficacy, while also providing the consumer with a consistent, safe, and enjoyable experience. With an R&D and operations team of over 30 employees, SōRSE powers more than 100 leading products including Cann, Mad Tasty, and Major.  SōRSE Technology is available in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.  

Follow SōRSE to stay up to date with product announcements and event details at or email for more information. 

Benzinga: SōRSE Insights on Mexico’s Supreme Court Cannabis Ruling


In an important step towards national legalization, Mexico’s Supreme Court voted down the country’s cannabis prohibition laws last week. This allows citizens legal access to cannabis through adult use permits and cultivation.

Our VP of Latin America, Felipe Sanchez commented that when cannabis is legalized in Mexico, “SōRSE is looking into meeting the demand for cannabis products in verticals ranging from cosmetics and topicals to edibles and pet products.”

Read more about the significance of the Supreme Court decision in Benzinga’s article.

SōRSE Signs MOU with Vext Science to Sell Major Cannabis Beverages in Arizona

Major powered by SoRSE
  • MAJOR was the top selling cannabis beverage brand in the U.S. during Q1 20211

VANCOUVER, BCJuly 6, 2021 /CNW/ – Vext Science, Inc. (“Vext” or the “Company”) (CSE: VEXT) (OTCQX: VEXTF) a cannabinoid brand leader based in Arizona, leveraging its core expertise in extraction, manufacturing, cultivation and marketing to build a profitable multi-state footprint, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with SōRSE Technology Corp. (“SōRSE”) to exclusively produce and sell SōRSE’s MAJOR cannabis-infused beverages in Arizona. SōRSE is a leader in water-soluble emulsion technology for integrating functional ingredients into commercially available consumer packaged goods. Vext expects to begin selling MAJOR beverages in August 2021.

Eric Offenberger, CEO of Vext commented, “SōRSE’s proprietary infusion technology and know-how, powers some of the top cannabis beverage brands in the U.S. today and we are excited to announce this deal to bring MAJOR beverages – produced and sold by Vapen – to consumers in Arizona. Our in-house Vapen brand is consistently one of the top brands in Arizona, with prominent placement in both our operated Phoenix dispensaries, as well as the vast majority of third-party dispensaries in the state. Beverages are a key growth segment, and will round-out Vapen’s offering of concentrates, extracts, edibles, vapes, topicals and tinctures.”

MAJOR is designed as a high dose THC beverage that delivers a consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience with no cannabis taste or smell. MAJOR is available in five flavours: Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Grape. MAJOR beverages are offered in 200ml serving sizes, with 100mg of THC. Data from Headset recently found that MAJOR was the top selling cannabis beverage brand in the U.S. during Q1 20211.

Under the MOU, SōRSE will provide all know how and formulations for the creation of MAJOR 100mg THC cannabis-infused beverages, and Vext will provide licensed space for the production and storage of products, and produce beverages for sale. Vext will pay an initial royalty of US$100,000 upon the signing of a final agreement, pay a fixed price for SōRSE emulsion, and pay a fixed price per unit produced, to SōRSE. Vext may also choose to manufacture SōRSE’s other existing formulations and/or use SōRSE emulsions to develop additional products under the Vapen brand, for which it will pay SōRSE a royalty.

For more details, visit VEXT’s investor website or contact the IR team at

About VEXT Science, Inc.

Vext Science, Inc. is a US-based Cannabis THC and Hemp cannabinoid products company manufacturing THC cartridges, concentrates, edibles and accessories under the Vapen™ Brand, and Hemp based products under the Pure Touch Botanicals brand as well as the Vapen CBD brand. Based in Arizona, Vext Science, Inc. has one of the leading THC concentrates, edibles, and distillate cartridge brands sold in most of the state’s 100+ dispensaries. Herbal Wellness Center is one of Arizona’s leading dispensaries and we execute all aspects of the cultivation, extraction, edibles infusion and manufacturing processes which insures a product of the highest quality and purity. Product quality and purity are core to our marketing strategy. Vext Science, Inc. is executing its business growth by leveraging experience and expertise in extractions, product manufacturing, and marketing to expand in the U.S. through revenue and profit-sharing joint venture partnerships. For more information visit our website at

For more details on the Vapen brand:
Vapen website:
Instagram: @vapen
Facebook: @vapenclear

About SōRSE Technology

SōRSE Technology is the leading water-soluble emulsion technology designed for producers to provide consumers with an enjoyable, consistent cannabis experience with accurate dosing, stability, and safe ingredients. Our patent-pending technology converts oil into SōRSE, a water-soluble emulsion, for seamless integration as an ingredient in a beverages, food, or personal care products.

In addition to their water-soluble emulsion solutions for clients’ product development, SōRSE partners with licensed producers to manufacture and distribute SōRSE’s top-selling, proven in market THC-infused brands for quick commercialization. Products powered by SōRSE are currently available for license under THC Essentials –

For more information, visit

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Eric Offenberger
Chief Executive Officer

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