Food Dive: How SōRSE Technology is formulating CBD products in a pandemic

5 Things You Need to Know to Create an Infused CBD Beverage

“We’re still trying to do what we can given the circumstances… We are still manufacturing, we’re still producing product, doing development, it’s just taking sometimes a little bit longer time to get it done or just a more creative way to get it done.” – Michael Flemmens, SōRSE’s VP of Technical Business Development

As interest in infused food and beverage has increased during the pandemic, Food Dive interviewed Michael Flemmens, on how SōRSE continues to formulate CBD products during this time. Read more of Michael’s comments here.

ADCANN: Analyzing the Cannabis 2.0 Market in Canada: Beverages

Drinks powered by sorse tech

Through our partnership with The Valens Company and A1 Cannabis, our technology powered the first cannabis beverage to market in Canada!

“These products were developed using the SōRSE by Valens emulsion technology which transforms cannabis oil into water-soluble extracts while eliminating cannabis taste, colour, or smell. These beverages have a fast onset time, significantly reduce offset time, increased bioavailability of cannabinoids, and are stable enough to achieve more than a one-year shelf life.”

Check out the full overview of the current beverage market in Canada from ADCANN.

BevNET: CBD Brands Feel Impact of COVID-19

cannabis and covid

“In difficult times, whether they be recessions or mass events, things like alcohol, tobacco, and even chewing gum — these categories tend to accelerate rather than retreat. We’ve gone almost full circle in my lifetime from ‘you’ve got to do it in the closet’ to ‘in difficult times, let’s make sure the channels for this market are still open.’” – Scott Riefler, CSO at SōRSE.

Read more about Scott’s insights on CBD sales growth amid lockdown in, Inc.’s “Cannabis, CBD Brands Feel Impact of Covid-19”.