Which Vertus-And-Juice Are You?

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Written by | December 18th, 2018

Welcome to the best new — and easy — cocktail of 2019: Vertus sparkling cannabis drink and juice. Breakfast in bed? Vertus and juice. Fireworks under the stars? Vertus and juice. Mind on your money and money on your mind? Vertus and juice. Laaaaaaaiiidddd baaccckk! You get the idea.

But, one important question remains for you: which Vertus and juice best suits you? Thankfully, we’ve set up this helpful guide to illuminate the possibilities before you. Choose wisely!


Traditional champagne has gotten a pass for too many years! Orange juice needs more brunch options. So, if you’re someone who loves a glass of this delicious citrus stuff, then take back your orange juice — you brunch revolutionary, you! Say goodbye to traditional champagne and say hello to Vertus bubbly in your fresh-squeezed favorite.


Vertus and cran is for the folks looking for a little pizzazz. It’s for the folks who like to wear pearls or cufflinks when they hit the town. For the folks who like a little romance in their life. Go ahead, pour two and wait for a daring stranger to propose a chat. You might just find your true heart match.


Vertus and grapefruit is most assuredly for the sensible-minded. The early to bed, early to rise folks who like a bright and shiny morning to get things done. Lawn need mowing before the holidays? Vertus and grapefruit. Have to paint a wall in the apartment? We got you.


For the playful, late night partiers, there’s Vertus and grape juice. Drop a few sliced fruits to go along with it and you have yourself a deliciously infused sangria that you can sway in your chalice as the music goes on and on into the night. Turn it up and have another round, you’ve earned it!


Vertus and pineapple are for the beach-loving peeps who just want to feel the summer breeze on their faces, the sand between their toes and to read a good book between dips in the waves. Let the sun glisten as the bright beverage combination whisks you away to a foreign land without a grey cloud in the sky.

To find your own bottle of Vertus, check out our product map, then call your closest retailer for availability.