12 Celebs Who Love CBD As Much As We Do

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Written by | December 17th, 2018

The world is changing. More and more cannabis use is accepted in today’s society. And while people have been using cannabis for years (centuries, really), more and more it’s being more acceptable to toke up. And while there are many advocates on the front lines in the world working to push the cannabis envelope, there are also mainstream folks — actors, musicians, and athletes — helping to normalize cannabis in American and global society. As things continue to change, it’s important to take note of who in the celebrity world is helping the cannabis cause and what their motivations are. Let’s investigate.

The Obvious

Seth Rogan: It’s not hard to imagine a man who made a movie about pot delivery called “Pineapple Express” would endorse CBD. But, Rogan feels strongly about the product due to its benefit for Alzheimer’s.

Snoop Dogg: Duh.

Tommy Chong: He credits CBD oil for helping his recovery from prostate cancer.

The Regal

Whoopi Goldberg: She even sells edibles with her company Whoopi & Maya.

Morgan Freeman: Everyone’s favorite voiceover actor uses CBD to help with his fibromyalgia pain.

Melissa Etheridge: She started using it after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Tough

Nate Diaz: After winning a brutal MMA fight, Diaz held a press conference while smoking CBD from a vape pen.

Michael J. Fox: He uses CBD to help with the severe symptoms from Parkinson’s disease. Don’t argue with Michael J. Fox.

Mike Tyson: CBD packs a healthy punch. But not as big as Tyson’s left hook.

The Beautiful

Jennifer Aniston: The actress was known decades ago for smoking weed with then-hubby Brad Pitt.

Alessandra Ambrosio: She’s a Victoria’s Secret model. And she swears by CBD to help with sleeping problems and anxiety.

Rihanna: This goddess of music is open about her cannabis use. No secrets surround this musician’s love for CBD.