820: National Water-Soluble Cannabinoid Consumption Day AKA Drink Cannabis Day

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Written by | August 17th, 2022

The team at SōRSE is excited to announce a new national day to celebrate cannabis consumption in a water-soluble format – 820! The idea was the brainchild of VP of Sales & Marketing, Diana Eberlein, who has been with the company since 2019 and has educated many consumers and industry members about the benefits of water-soluble technology and drinking your cannabis! We asked Diana to share her thoughts on 820 – why that date was chosen specifically, what inspired the idea, and why she thinks it’s important to celebrate this segment of the industry that has grown and expanded quickly over the past six years. Check out our conversation below! 

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What is 820?

820, or 8/20, is technically “Water-Soluble Cannabinoid Consumption Day,” but it’s more widely known as “Drink Cannabis Day” – a day where consumers enjoy cannabis-infused products that use water-soluble emulsion technology for better taste, faster onset, and more consistent cannabis experiences. Cannabis can be consumed for recreational and therapeutic purposes, and water-soluble cannabinoids allow for more socially acceptable and discreet methods to consume and enjoy safely.

This is a day for us to do a collective “Cheers!” to appreciate the multitude of applications for the plant and celebrate how it has improved our lives. 

How did 820 Start?

When did you first get the idea to register for a National Day celebrating water-soluble cannabinoids? What was the inspiration? 

 I actually had this idea 3 or 4 years ago when I first started at SoRSE.  It was around 710 Day, and there were numerous articles featuring brands for “710” activities.  There’s literally a beverage out there for everybody and anybody (over 21 for THC), and we know this is going to be a large portion of the future of cannabis consumption. That said, we have to build awareness, educate the consumer, and “get cans in hands.”  And we have to do it together.  

Now that the segment is bigger with more established brands across the US, and Cann has really started the conversation for beverages to a mainstream audience, we can bring the cannabis beverage community together and keep the momentum going! 

August 20th or “820” is based on water’s chemical composition, H2O – H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, and because of the 2O, it aligns with the original cannabis consumption holiday, 420. 

What do you hope consumers will learn or come to understand about water-soluble cannabinoids with this National Day?  

Water-soluble technology solves historical issues that have plagued the cannabis edibles and beverage categories.  Infused products now offer the following benefits to consumers*: 

  • Better tasting edibles with no cannabis taste or smell 
  • Faster onset (10-15 minutes vs 90 minutes), with a shorter duration (no more 3+ hour hazes you can’t get out of) 
  • Consistent Cannabis Experienced (a result of Accurate Dosing) 
  • Safe Ingredients

* Not all emulsion technologies are created equal.  SōRSE Technology is a leading water-soluble technology for functional ingredients that utilize safe and commonly used food grade materials, with no bitter blockers added. 

What most excites you about having a day celebrating water-soluble cannabinoids?

I know no one needs another “national” holiday, but any excuse to get good people together over good drinks is good in my book!  But what I love about it most – it’s incredibly inclusive!  Whether it’s THC or CBD, or any of the other cannabinoids or terpenes, there are so many recreational and therapeutic applications for infused products.  Every day people drink water, functional beverages, sodas…. Why not have one that’s infused?  It’s easy to integrate these products into your everyday routine so let’s celebrate the products that make our day-to-day more enjoyable.  It’s also an opportunity to share your favorite brands with friends and family – which is the best marketing a brand can ask for! 

In addition to that, it’s an opportunity to change the stigma around cannabis, as a whole.  For example, I’m hosting an 820 party this Saturday, and my girlfriend asked if the party was “kid-friendly.”  If I had thrown a traditional BBQ (which is what it is), she wouldn’t have felt the need to ask that.  This is a great opportunity to show everyone that infused beverages can play in the same socially acceptable sandbox as seltzers, beer, spirits, other non-alcoholic or functional beverages, etc. (but without the hangover)! 

How to Get Powered by SōRSE on 8/20

To make your 820 Powered by SōRSE, check out all the brands making great infused beverages Powered by SōRSE including: Adapt Brands, Altitude, APRCH, Cann, Centr, Copa, Crisp & Crude, Cruise, Day 1, Isca, Kleer, L8, Leisuretown, Lei Back, Mad Tasty, Major, Mary Jones, Rip N Sip, Pink Cloud, Zenly, and more. There is no shortage of options from which to choose! 

Can you share some advice/ideas on how consumers and industry folks can celebrate this day?

Your 820 can be anything you want — a social gathering, river floating, watching movies/TV, going on a picnic at a park, even relaxing/recovery self-care days!  

 Just like your favorite mocktail or cocktail, you can make your 820 any way you like!

Drink cannabis on 8/20.