Water-Soluble Technology: The Solution For Personal Care Products

From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, personal care products are an integral part of our daily routines.  

Personal care products are divided into three categories  

  • Skin careFacial cleansers, hand soaps, body wash, moisturizers, lotions, make-up, and bath bombs 
  • Hair care: Shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, serums, and styling products 
  • Oral care: Toothpaste, mouthwash, and lip balm  

What makes a consumer loyal to their personal care productsThere are a few factorsFirst are the product’s sensory attributes – people want products that smell, feel, and in the case of oral care, taste good. Second, consumers prefer products that are easy to integrate into their daily routine and that are accurately dosed. Third, consumers need a product that consistently delivers the result or effect they are seeking 

 In the past few years, CBD has become an important part of people’s health and wellness routines. Outside of it being a natural plant extract, consumers gravitate towards CBD for a number of reasons, including its ability to address dermal concerns such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.   

When infusing personal care products with CBD, product producers have two options to choose from – oil or a water-soluble emulsion. When weighing the pros and cons of each, it’s important to keep sight of the consumer’s priorities. If the product doesn’t look good on a store shelf, they won’t notice it. If it doesn’t smell good, they won’t apply it. If it doesn’t feel good, they’ll remove it. If they do buy it and it isn’t easy to use, they won’t buy it again.  

CBD Oil for Personal Care: The Problems  

CBD oil is extracted from the plant; this format can pose problems for both the consumer and producer. For the consumer, oil-based products can separate, which leads to inaccurate dosing. The pungent cannabis smell can be off-putting, and the residue of oil can stain clothing. For the producer, oil needs to be incorporated early in production and requires special equipment and additional production stepsAdditionally, while oil makes sense for some personal care product formats, it is not compatible with many.  

Water-Soluble Emulsions for Personal CareThe Solution 

An emulsion is a transformation and dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid (in this case, CBD oil) into another in which it is not soluble. Because oil-based ingredients are tricky to work with, they are commonly emulsified for ease of use for product developers. There are many benefits to replacing oil-based ingredients with water-soluble emulsions that impact both the producer and the consumer. 

Improved Sensory  

With personal care, you’re not just selling a product; you’re selling a sensory experience. A water-soluble emulsion complements common personal care product ingredients such as jojobalavenderhoney, and vitamin CIt does not carry the cannabis sensory elements that some consumers find unappealing, and ieliminates the residue associated with oil-based products.  

 Accurate Dosing 

The potency of CBD oil can vary from batch to batch, meaning loading levels need to be adjusted for accurate dosing. In contrast, a water-soluble emulsion is easy to formulate to a target potency. Because the emulsion is homogeneous, the CBD will be evenly dispersed throughout the product, resulting in consistent and accurate dosing.  


Simple modifications to a base product formula allow product developers to create multiple SKUs. These modifications can include varying the dosage levels, offering new scents via essential oils and terpenes, and utilizing other sensory modifiers. The more SKUs offered, the more legitimacy the products have in the marketplace, and the more appealing the products will be to retailers and consumers.  

 Seamless Integration 

Most personal care products primarily consist of water. A water-soluble emulsion can replace a portion of the water in the product formulation in one step to achieve the desired cannabinoid content while still maintaining product integrity. A process that makes it easy to integrate the emulsion also means that it is easy to scale up. Using a water-soluble emulsion does not require extra heating or equipment and is compatible with small and large-scale manufacturing.  

To ensure successful commercialization of your finished product, look for a co-manufacturer to produce your finished product, make sure your co-manufacturer has produced a product similar to yours. Ideally the facility will be close in proximity to your target market, which will save you money when it comes time to distribute the product.  

SōRSE 7.5%: The Best Choice for Integrating CBD into Personal Care Items 

CBDinfused personal care products are not newbut they can be better by using water-soluble CBD emulsion. The consumer will benefit from an improved sensory and more consistent, accurate dosing experience. The producer will benefit from a seamless one-step integration into the product formula, which will allow for scale and multiple SKUs with simple modifications.  

Create a product that lives up to its hype; come to the SōRSE.   

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What You Need To Know When Evaluating Water-Soluble CBD Emulsions

For those who are not familiar with emulsionsthey are defined as transformations and dispersions of minute droplets from one liquid into another that are not solubleA great example of an emulsion is salad dressing. The oil in the dressing is lighter than the vinegar, which is why it rises to the top. To get the oil to mix with the vinegar, agitation in the form of vigorous shaking will get the two ingredients to mix – but they will eventually separate.Similarly, oil and water do not play well with each other, which is why using a cannabinoid emulsion for food and beverages is great option for companies producing infused products.  

While it is common for product developers to use emulsions when working with tricky oil-based ingredients, not all emulsions are created equal. While emulsion technology has improved, there are still challenges working with cannabinoids such as negative sensory attributes, shelf life, homogeneity, scalping, and the ability to scaleHere are some tips for the evaluation process. 

TIP #1: Know Exactly What You Are Looking for in Your Emulsion 

When you start evaluating emulsions, you should already know what desired effect and qualities you want, as well as the services you need to get your product to market.   

Do you want your flavor profile to be clean or earthy? Are you looking for the Entourage Effect, where the cannabinoids and the terpenes work synergistically? In terms of dosage, will your product be micro-dosed or offer a high milligram count? What product certifications are important to you – organic, vegan, or kosher? Lastly, how and where will your product be produced, and what kind of support will you need through the process?  

Throughout the evaluation process, keep your requirements front of mind so you get the right emulsion for your product.  

TIP #2Consider Sensory Profiles  Taste, Smell, Appearance, Texture 

Whether you are producing a food, beverage, or personal care product, the consumer’s sensory experience is an important consideration. With food and beverage, if the product doesn’t smell, taste, or look good, they won’t buy it. With personal care, if the product doesn’t feel or smell good, they won’t put it on their body. There are some negative sensory attributes associated with cannabinoids; how you work with those attributes depends on your target consumer and what sensory experience they are looking for.  

Some consumers want their product to taste like the flavor that’s on the label without any hint of cannabinoid flavor, while others like the sensory attributes cannabinoids carry. Knowing this will help a product developer decide if they want to use an emulsion featuring an isolate which will have clean flavor profile or a broad spectrum emulsion which will feature grassy, earthy, herbaceous notes. It also important to remember that organic, all-naturalkosher or other certifications also impact flavor profile, shelf life, production timeline as well as cost.  

 Tip #3Evaluate Ingredients, Stability, Homogeneity, and Shelf Life 

Getting your infused product on a store shelf is the ultimate goal, but you also need to look at the quality of the emulsion, which includes ingredients, stability, homogeneity, and shelf life. These attributes are critical for providing the consumer with a consistent experience. top quality emulsion begins with high quality raw ingredientsAsk your emulsion supplier about their active and non-active ingredients and review the Product Data Sheets, the Safety Data Sheets, and the Certificate of Analysis (COA) with them. Ask how they test inbound and outbound material, if they utilize internal and third party testing.  

When working with cannabinoids, it’s essential that the emulsion you choose is stable and homogeneous, meaning that the cannabinoids do not separate from the water over time and are evenly dispersed in the emulsion. Proven stability and homogeneity are critical because it will ensure accurate label claims. Your emulsion supplier should be able to verify stability and estimate the shelf-life of their ingredient. Ask how they test for stability, and make sure they provide documentation that verifies the potency on the COA.  

 Tip #4: Discuss How Packaging Impacts the Emulsion 

Packaging should be considered at the beginning stages of product development because it will play an important part in working with a co-man for production and scale up. Make sure your supplier understands how your selected packaging will interact with the cannabinoids in the emulsion.  

 Cans are a popular and  familiar packaging solution, but any product developer knows that where there are cans, there is scalpingScalping is when an ingredient gets absorbed into the can lining, resulting in potency loss.  Scalping and other factors such as manufacturing processes that result in potency loss can be mitigated by careful planning on behalf of your supplier and production partners.   

To achieve accurate dosing that matches your label, you need to factor in potency loss early on.  Most producers will overdose their product and account for loss when they begin production. Guidance should be provided by your production partner.   

TIP #5: Choose an Emulsion Made for Scaling 

Just like any other ingredient in your product, the emulsion should be easy to incorporate into the manufacturing process. This will allow for integration into almost any product format, a seamless transition from small batch to commercial scale production, and ease of use for co-manufacturers, which leaves less room for error. The bottom line is that an emulsion that is easy to incorporate into a production process will also be easy to scale. As you evaluate emulsions, don’t be afraid to ask what support you will need to scale as well as how future FDA rulings might impact your finished product.  

Selecting the emulsion to infuse your product with will be the single-most important decision you make during formulation because it impacts the entire product development process as well as the consumer’s experience with your product. Taste, stability, product consistency, dosing and scalability are all incredibly important attributes in any emulsion. Throughout this evaluation process, remember that you are not only looking at the quality of the emulsion; you are also choosing a strategic partner that can support you from concept to commercialization.  

The team at SōRSE offers liquid and powder emulsions designed for easy integration into food, beverages, and personal care products as well as guidance through every stage of product development. If you are looking for a high-quality emulsion powered by a team of experienced food scientists and product developers to get your product to market fast, come to the SōRSE. 


2020: A Year of Innovation & Expansion at SōRSE Technology


2020 – what a year it has been! At the beginning of the year, the SōRSE team was busy working with our clients who were in the process of developing and launching products and preparing for live events. Then came March, and with it, Covid. Our work world changed, with many employees working remotely. Because SōRSE was deemed an essential business, emulsion production continued, as did the support of our clients. Instead of attending conventions and trade shows, we pivoted to hosting and attending virtual events and offering educational webinars to connect and engage with our partners and community.


2020 has been challenging for many reasons, but at SōRSE, there is much to celebrate – including over 1 billion unique views of the articles in which we’ve been featured. Here are some of the highlights from 2020.   

Mary Wagner and Allen Hsieh Join the Board of Directors 

In JanuaryMary Wagner and Allen Hsieh were appointed to the SōRSE Board of DirectorsMary Wagner is a recognized executive leader with a reputable career in the food industry, having created innovative products and developed measures to ensure food quality and safety. Allen Hsieh has over 25 years of experience in business and finance and has managed companies that have generated between $100 million and $500 million in revenue annually.   

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Shares the Story Behind Mad Tasty with Forbes 

In February, Forbes published an interview with Ryan Tedder in which he explains why he decided to start a CBD beverage company, how he discovered SōRSE, and how SōRSE provided the best possible solution for creating his successful beverage line, Mad Tasty 

SōRSE Featured in Bon Appetit’s “How to Find a CBD Product That Works” 

At SōRSE, one of our goals is to educate consumers on the benefits of products that utilize water-soluble emulsion technology. In March, we were able to share our knowledge on “How to Find a CBD Product That Works with Bon Appétit magazine. In the articlewe discuss important topics such as dosing, bioavailability, the differences between different types of CBD products, COAs, and how to figure out if a product is utilizing water-soluble technology. 

First Beverages in Canadian Marketplace Are Powered by SōRSE 

In AprilBenzinga broke the news that the first beverages to reach the Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 market had hit the shelves, and even better, they were powered by SōRSE! Our partner, The Valens Company, collaborated with A1 Cannabis Company to create Summit, a THC Citrus Water, and Basecamp, a CBD Iced Tea. We were proud to see our technology play a part in bringing these drinks to Canadian shelves.  

SōRSE Secures #61 on Fast Co’s Best Workplaces for Innovators List 

In the beginning of AugustSōRSE Technology was included in Fast Co’s Best Workplaces for Innovators list for 2020Nearly 900 companies applied to be recognized by Fast Companyand SōRSE earned position #61 while also being the only cannabis adjacent company included on the list. Fast Company is an influential, cutting-edge magazine focused on “the future of business” with over 16 million monthly unique visitors.  

SōRSE Partners with Pascal Biosciences on Cancer Research 

In SeptemberSōRSE announced that it was entering into a collaborative research agreement with Pascal Biosciences, advancing Pascal’s PAS-393 into clinical testing. Pascal and SōRSE would share their respective technologies to test the cannabinoid PAS-393 in human volunteers; this will enable testing of cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors.  

Donna Wamsley Shares Her Insights on Flavor Trends with Forbes 

Donna Wamsley is not only our Director of Research and Analytics who works on emulsion innovationshe is also a trained flavorist, bringing a depth of knowledge on flavor and creating flavor profiles to her work. In October, Forbes published an interview with Donna in which she discusses her work at SōRSEthe process of becoming a flavorist, and flavor trends she sees emerging in 2021.   

SōRSE Hosts the First Annual SōRSE Summit 

To connect with our partners and share our knowledge with them, SōRSE hosted its first annual, virtual summit in October, featuring presentations for our 50+ clients on a variety of topics on the infused food and beverage marketTopics included: Trends in FlavorEmulsion Customization, Maturation of the Cannabis and CBD Marketplace, amongst many others. 

SōRSE Launches Clear CBD Emulsion 

Near the end of November, we announced the creation of SōRSE Clear, a stable, clear emulsion with a minimal sensory profile. The product made its official debut at our inaugural SōRSE Summit, which was a big win for our Science team and will be a game changer for our customers in the infused beverage space.  

SōRSE Expands into Latin America through Joint Venture with FCM Global 

In November, SōRSE ventured into the Latin American marketplace by announcing a joint venture with FCM Global, based in Medellin, Colombia, which produces organic hemp and cannabis oils. By entering this partnership with FCM, SōRSE is now  licensed to apply its technology to THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in ColombiaThe emulsion will be branded as “SōRSE by FCM GLOBAL.” 

SōRSE and Pascal Validate and Optimize Cannabinoid Delivery for Cancer Treatment 

Three months after announcing the collaborative research agreementSōRSE and Pascal Biosciences shared the news that they will be moving forward with clinical trials of the cannabinoid PS-393 in 2021 for cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors. This will mark the first pharmaceutical use of SōRSE’s formulation technology in concert with Pascal’s intellectual property.  

Emily Skrobecki Shares Her Experience Working at SōRSE During the Age of Covid with The Business Journals’ Bizwomen 

At the beginning of December, Bizwomen published an essay written by our Process Engineering Manager, Emily Skrobeckiin which she explained how she prioritizes aspects of her job and communicates with her team while working remotely. Emily’s piece illustrates how SōRSE employees are committed to contributing to the company’s success and can adjust the way they work to fit any difficult situation 


If you’re interested in learning more about SōRSE and its accomplishments this year, download our Annual Report that summarizes the myriad ways we’ve innovated and expanded our product offerings, services, and production in 2020. We’ve learned a lot from the challenges we faced in 2020 and look forward to the promise and hope that 2021 brings. 

Press Release: SōRSE Adds Clear Emulsion to Its Product Offerings

SoRSE clear

Seattle, Washington—October 27, 2020—SōRSE Technology, the leading water-soluble CBD, hemp, and terpene emulsion provider for infused CPG brands, announced today its creation of SōRSE Clear, a stable, clear emulsion with a minimal sensory profile. The product made its official debut at SōRSE’s inaugural SōRSE Summit, which was exclusively held for the company’s partners. SōRSE Clear is available immediately for product evaluation.

Clear emulsions are difficult to develop due to the process of getting Refractive Indexes to match. A Refractive Index measures the bending of a ray of light through mediums, with oil droplets that are evenly dispersed reflecting more light. When different Refractive Indexes mix together, the result is a cloudy emulsion. Making a cloudy emulsion turn clear takes months of experimentation trying to match the Refractive Indexes of the oil and water phases.

SōRSE Clear, currently available in isolate, complies with all the main safety and testing protocols, including GMP, GFSI, COA, and FSMA. It contains safe ingredients that are allergen-free and vegan. This clear emulsion can be applied to all product applications, including beverages, nootropics, edibles, topicals, and nutraceuticals.

SōRSE Clear features multiple benefits for product developers, including stability, scalability, safety, bioavailability, improved sensory experience, homogeneity, accurate dosing, and seamless integration.

“2020 has been a year of innovation for SōRSE Technology, and bringing a stable, clear emulsion with minimal sensory impact to market is proof of that,” commented SōRSE CEO Howard Lee. “I’m proud of the work our R&D team did to make this happen. It’s a game-changer for the industry.”

“I’m excited that we are adding a clear emulsion to our core portfolio; this will give formulators and product developers the ability to innovate and to cater to the needs within the global food and beverage market,” said SōRSE Director of Research and Analytics Donna Wamsley. “This unique technology has excellent clarity, minimal sensory properties, and stability.”

About SōRSE Technology

SōRSE Technology Corporation is a water-soluble emulsion technology designed for product developers to provide consumers with a better, more consistent cannabinoid experience with greater bioavailability, near-perfect dosing, shelf-stability, and safe ingredients. Its patent-pending technology converts oil into SōRSE, a proprietary water-soluble emulsion, for infusing CBD and other functional ingredients into beverages, food items, topicals, and medical applications. SōRSE Technology currently powers more than 45 leading products in the CBD space.

SōRSE Technology Press

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Food Dive: How SōRSE Technology is formulating CBD products in a pandemic

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“We’re still trying to do what we can given the circumstances… We are still manufacturing, we’re still producing product, doing development, it’s just taking sometimes a little bit longer time to get it done or just a more creative way to get it done.” – Michael Flemmens, SōRSE’s VP of Technical Business Development

As interest in infused food and beverage has increased during the pandemic, Food Dive interviewed Michael Flemmens, on how SōRSE continues to formulate CBD products during this time. Read more of Michael’s comments here.