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“At SōRSE, we are always fine-tuning our processing specifications for consistency so that our product has the same dosage every time and is shelf-stable for at least 12 months.” – Donna Wamsley, Director of Research & Analytics of SōRSE Technology.


Consumers demand a consistent, safe, and enjoyable experience – At SōRSE, our goal is to help the producer deliver each and every time. Read the full article.

BevNET Exclusive: SōRSE “Canna-Bus” Takes Processor on the Road

“We’re just trying to offer the opportunity to make products with a top of the line water-soluble format and to be able to wholesale our emulsion to other clients in your state.” – Zach Hershberger, SōRSE’s Operations Manager.

Learn more about SōRSE’s mobile unit – how it’s a new way for SōRSE to work with our partners at a time when CBD and cannabis co-packers are unevenly distributed and regulated across the country.

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SōRSE Debuts Water-Soluble 7.5% CBD Emulsion for Personal Care Products

personal care items

SEATTLE–SōRSE Technology, the leading water-soluble emulsion technology designed for infusing functional ingredients into consumer goods, announces the addition of 7.5% CBD liquid emulsion for personal care products to their product suite. SōRSE is designed for product developers to make oil-based functional ingredients water-soluble and more efficacious, while also providing the consumer with a consistent, safe experience. 

SōRSE, which currently powers over 60 infused products on the market, developed the 7.5% CBD emulsion for the personal care category to eliminate the current market’s sticky and unstable formulations. Personal care products offer a delivery method consumers are comfortable with and purchase frequently; consumers also expect an enjoyable and consistent experience just as they do with beverages and food items. SōRSE’s 7.5% water-soluble CBD emulsion seamlessly integrates, complements other ingredients, and can be modified for multiple SKUs.  

“While we are a functional ingredient supplier, our foundation is in water-soluble emulsion technology and product development,” commented CEO Howard Lee. “It’s through our technology that we’re changing how the personal care industry works with tricky functional ingredients like CBD that consumers demand. We’ve made working with our technology and ingredients simple so that we can focus on helping our partners deliver more enjoyable, more effective products.”  

SōRSE Technology is hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 25th on the benefits of water-soluble emulsion technology for personal care products to educate product developers on their new 7.5% CBD emulsion solution. Those interested in attending can register here or contact SōRSE directly at for more information. 

About SōRSE Technology 

SōRSE Technology is the leading water-soluble emulsion technology designed for infusing functional ingredients into beverages, food items, personal care products, and medical applications. SōRSE is designed for product developers to make oil-based functional ingredients water-soluble and more efficacious, while also providing the consumer with a consistent, safe, and enjoyable experience. With over 200 years’ experience in food & beverage and an R&D team of 30+ employees, SōRSE is a partner that can take a producer from concept to commercialization quickly and efficiently. 

WSPA: Dry January Beverage Ideas

kleer powered by sorse

Participating in Dry January? WSPA-TV News Channel 7 based in South Carolina, recently featured a segment on Dry January Beverage Ideas and highlights SōRSE and describes some of our partners’, Aprch™ Beverage Co. , Kleer Sparkling Water and Mad Tasty as hydrating and restorative alternatives.

Watch the full segment here.

SōRSE & Pascal Optimize Cannabinoid Formulation for Development of Cancer Treatment

Pascal Biosciences and SōRSE Technology Optimize Cannabinoid Formulation for Clinical Development of Cancer Treatment

SEATTLE & VANCOUVER, British Columbia–Pascal Biosciences Inc. (TSX.V:PAS) (OTC:BIMUF) (“Pascal” or the “Company”) and SōRSE Technology Corporation (“SōRSE”) have validated and optimized a formula for oral cannabinoid delivery. Their shared efforts are advancing the cannabinoid PAS-393 towards clinical testing against cancer.

“This progress is very promising because this step is critical for testing in human volunteers,” said Pascal CEO Patrick Gray. “We will next identify a drug product manufacturer to prepare our product for testing in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors.”

It will be the first pharmaceutical use of the novel formulation technology developed by SōRSE and the first clinical trial for Pascal and SōRSE. This collaboration utilizes propriety discoveries by both companies, including Pascal’s intellectual property, which covers the use of cannabinoids in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors, and SōRSE’s proprietary formulation expertise.

“It’s great to see such rapid progress with the in vitro studies using our formulation technology,” said SōRSE CEO Howard Lee. “We are on track to enter our first clinical trial with Pascal within a year.”

Following characterization of safety and pharmacology in a Phase 1a clinical trial, Pascal and SōRSE may elect to continue clinical development as equal partners in a Phase 1b cancer trial in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor.

About Pascal Biosciences Inc.

Pascal is a biotechnology company targeting innovative therapies for serious diseases, including COVID-19. Pascal is also developing treatments for cancer with targeted therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukemia and cannabinoid-based therapeutics. Pascal’s leading portfolio also comprises a small molecule therapeutic, PAS-403, that is advancing into clinical trials for the treatment of glioblastoma, and PAS-393, an immuno-stimulatory cannabinoid to be used in combination with checkpoint inhibitor therapy. For more information, visit

About SōRSE Technology

SōRSE Technology Corporation is a water-soluble emulsion technology designed for product developers to provide consumers with a better, more consistent cannabinoid experience with greater bioavailability, near-perfect dosing, shelf-stability, and safe ingredients. Its patent-pending technology converts oil into SōRSE, a proprietary water-soluble emulsion, for infusing CBD and other functional ingredients into beverages, food items, topicals, and medical applications. SōRSE Technology currently powers more than 45 leading products in the CBD space. For more information, visit


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Tasting Panel Magazine: Taking the Waters

Mad Tasty Powered by SoRSE

An article in The Tasting Panel Magazine highlighted SōRSE and its partners Aprch™ Beverage Co. , Kleer Sparkling Water and MAD TASTY, commenting, “SōRSE’s success in developing emulsions and flavor profiles that make it convenient for manufacturers to incorporate broad-spectrum #CBD is paving the way for more functional products across a variety of categories.”

SoRSE in Tasting Panel

Read the full article on page 90 in the latest issue of Tasting Panel Magazine.