Webinar: 5 Things to Know When Creating a CBD Beverage

SoRSE webinar

Co-hosted by SōRSE Technology and Prepared Foods

Presented by Michelle Sundquist, Director of Product Development

CBD has been the hottest beverage trend of the past decade, and the demand for CBD and other cannabinoids has continued to soar in 2020. CBD has also proven to be a tricky functional ingredient when added to a beverage. Before you rush a beverage to market, learn 5 pro-tips from SōRSE!

Forbes: When Will It Be Safe To Buy Again?

when will it be safe to buy again? sorse

Our CEO Howard Lee was recently featured in Forbes with other industry leaders sharing their insights on the impact COVID has on the consumer buying experience, answering the question, “When will people feel safe to buy again?” Whether it’s cars, real estate, or cannabis, COVID’s impact on consumers’ purchase behavior and shopping experience may last far beyond the pandemic itself.

Whether regulatory bodies were going to deem cannabis an “essential need” or not, many consumers and patients already felt that way.  Consumers have made the necessary adjustments to get the cannabis products they need in the safest way possible.  And in doing that, Howard pointed out that while we will get back to “normal,” it will be different, and “some ‘new norms’ might lead to more enjoyable or convenient shopping experiences and better sales solutions.” For example, many dispensaries puts high focus on pre-ordering online to expedite the sales process, thereby reducing the amount of time a consumer would be in the store. The result — online orders for CBD products shot up! Will this lead to more cannabis delivery options for greater accessibility for patients and consumers where delivery has not been permitted? Time will tell.

Read the full article in Forbes.

Food Dive: How SōRSE Technology is formulating CBD products in a pandemic

5 Things You Need to Know to Create an Infused CBD Beverage

“We’re still trying to do what we can given the circumstances… We are still manufacturing, we’re still producing product, doing development, it’s just taking sometimes a little bit longer time to get it done or just a more creative way to get it done.” – Michael Flemmens, SōRSE’s VP of Technical Business Development

As interest in infused food and beverage has increased during the pandemic, Food Dive interviewed Michael Flemmens, on how SōRSE continues to formulate CBD products during this time. Read more of Michael’s comments here.

Webinar: State of CBD — Global Crisis Edition

SoRSE webinar

Co-hosted by SōRSE Technology and Food Dive

Presented by John Kueber, SōRSE’s CRO

To gain insights on the unique situation the global crisis has created for consumers interested in CBD products, join us for the following webinar that will reveal key insights that CBD brands can use this year to maintain and grow their customer base.



ADCANN: Analyzing the Cannabis 2.0 Market in Canada: Beverages

Drinks powered by sorse tech

Through our partnership with The Valens Company and A1 Cannabis, our technology powered the first cannabis beverage to market in Canada!

“These products were developed using the SōRSE by Valens emulsion technology which transforms cannabis oil into water-soluble extracts while eliminating cannabis taste, colour, or smell. These beverages have a fast onset time, significantly reduce offset time, increased bioavailability of cannabinoids, and are stable enough to achieve more than a one-year shelf life.”

Check out the full overview of the current beverage market in Canada from ADCANN.